Where The Modern Day Beer Festival Found Its Origins

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages and can trace it’s invention to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. The modern beer festival has roots that go back many thousands of years and can be seen in cultures that enjoy drinking beer. The pastime of attending beer festivals is enjoyed and celebrated by many thousands of people all over the world. If you get the chance to attend a beer festival, you may never forget it.

Almost everyone has heard of Oktoberfest. This event has its home in Munich and covers 16 days from late September to early October. Oktoberfest is considered to be the original home of the modern day beer festival.

The first Oktoberfest occurred in the year 1810 in October. The celebration was centred around the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to his princess Theresa. Everyone who lived in Munich was invited to attend. One of the event highlights was horse racing that greatly impressed the Royal Family. This was the main reason that the tradition was carried out and Oktoberfest was born. Since then, it has occurred annually except during the war years and and epidemic outbreaks.

If you are a resident of Britain, you may wish to attend the GBBF, or Great British Beer Festival. This event is also called the “biggest pub in the world”. It is host to some 450 beers and there are many local as well as imported selections. Each year in August, over 1000 people give their time to make sure the GBBF is a success.

The GBBF is hosted by CAMRA the Campaign for Real Ale an organisation that promotes real ale, local community pubs and consumer rights. At the first beer festival in 1975 more than 40,000 people attended and consumed over 150,000 pints of real ale. The Beer Festival is held annually usually in London except in 1984 when it was cancelled. The GBBF is the largest beer festival in UK, but is only one of many thousands of beer festivals that are held each year around the country.

You can discover hundreds of festivals in all corners of the globe if you check the internet. At any time in the year, someone is hosting a beer festival for you to check out. You can normally find a beer festival close by.

The Rotary Club of Roundhay organises the North Leeds Charity Beer Festival for more information about the event then please visit their facebook page.. Free reprint available from: Where The Modern Day Beer Festival Found Its Origins.

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