10 Tips for Rapid Weight Loss- Do You Know What Works?

by Jaylynne Worthington

How would you like to be 30 pounds lighter by next month? You could be a much thinner person in only a month by following only 8 weight loss tricks.

1. Forget about going on another diet. Diets simply don’t work, but solid and consistent lifestyle changes over time do. Make changes one decision at a time and look for healthy changes you can live with.

2. Forget that fad diets and diet supplements exist. I’m sorry to say that ther is not a magic pill for weight loss that does not have a potential to harming your health, sometimes fatally. I know we all want there to be a quick fix, but one just does not exist.

3. Get moving. Yes, I know that exercise is not a fun option for most of us. Do yourself a favor and start slowly if you need to, but start. As your body becomes more used to moving around it will make you want to do more all on it’s own. Trust your body to know what it needs.

4. Keep an eye on what you eat, but don’t obsess. Pay attention to discovering small changes that you can stick to over the long haul. Make one change at a time, but once you make it be sure to stick to it.

5. Watch what you are drinking and try to drink more water. Drinking enough water is important for weight loss. Water is essential for the chemistry of weight loss as we metabolize fat. Water makes the reaction go.

6. Take a multivitamin once a day. A really quick fix for weight loss, but important none the less. Enzymes make the metabolism of fat happen and vitamins and minerals make enzymes work properly. Without enough vitamins and minerals weight loss slows dramatically.

7. Weigh only once a week. Don’t psych yourself out. Weight fluxuates throughout the day. You are only interested in the cumulative weight loss over time anyway, so looking more often won’t help you.

8. Become a grazer with 6 small 200 calorie meals a day. Eating less, and more frequently will keep you feeling fuller too.

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