10 Tips to Being Alcohol Free

by Ed Philips

1) Distance yourself from places and situations where you might find yourself tempted to drink. Avoid bars and quit hanging around the “drinking buddies” who won’t support or understand your goal to quit drinking.

2) Throw out your alcohol. Get rid of it if it is in your house. Should you have a spouse or roommate that drinks, ask them not to do so around you. Removing it from your life is as many aspects as possible is essential is you really want to stop drinking.

3. Take it one day at a time.

4. Tell friends and family that you want to stop drinking alcohol. Hang around people who will stand by your decision and support you and your goal.

5. Reward your successes to give yourself incentive not to drink. For every day (or even every hour) that you make it through without a drink, give yourself a pat on the back! Give yourself the praise you deserve for having the strength to quit drinking and share those victories with family and friends to keep your spirits up.

6. Picture yourself how you would look in the future when you’re completely alcohol-free. Visualization is very powerful in helping you make the right decisions.

7. Set realistic goals for yourself. Maybe you can’t quit cold turkey, so perhaps you could gradually cut down you alcohol intake day by day.

8. Sort out the psychological and emotional issues associated with your drinking problem. Some people begin drinking to escape problems they have and new ones are created by their drinking. Other people have alcoholism that runs in their family. The important thing it to find someone who can help you deal with these problems.

9. Find positive and meaningful activities to engage in.

10) Last but not least, never, ever give up!

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