10 Ways That You Can Stay Smoke Free

1. What should drive you to quit smoking?

So you have decided to quit-smoking but do you have sufficient reason to stop? You need to be motivated and have will-power otherwise the chances of ending your habit will be reduced. Write down the reasons on a piece of paper and keep it close to hand.

2. Set a Date.

Prepare in advance and decide the day you are going to give up. Let your friends and family know that you are going to quit. Your colleagues at work could also make the difference between success and failure, you are going to need all the support you can get.

3. Make use of aids like Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

When you have decided to stop smoking, your resolve may be strong and you may believe you can do it cold turkey. It would however not be wise to take this approach. Most of those who take this approach end up relapsing. This is because nicotine is very addictive and the brain becomes completely reliant on it and the body tends to react to the lack of it with withdrawal symptoms. This can be very frustrating and depressing. It helps a lot to use lozenges, gum and nicotine patches. They could even double your chances of quitting.

4. Find a way to deal with the stress

Having quit-smoking you will notice your stress levels increase. Nicotine is known for it’s relaxing properties and one of the reasons why many people smoke. It is a good idea to try and avoid those stressful situations. Relax and cut your stress levels by listening to music, start an exercise program or take up yoga.

5.Avoid Trigger Factors

Certain situations may increase your urge to want to start smoking again. For instance alcohol can be one of the most common triggers. Avoid going to the pub in the first few weeks of quitting smoking. Having a cigarette during your coffee break at work can also be a tempting situation. Drink plenty of water and switch to another caffeine-free beverage instead.

6. Give Yourself a Gift

There are a number of health benefits to quitting smoking. There is also the financial advantage of all the money that you save instead of spending on cigarettes. Put all this money together and count it. Keep putting it away in a jar and let it keep reminding you what the habit was costing you. Then take it and buy yourself a gift for resolving to quit and for sticking with the decision.

7. Keep the weight at bay.

Quitting smoking is hard enough but many ex-smokers are saddled with the fear and reality of weight gain. This is due to an increase in appetite when you stop smoking. Make a concerted effort to eat healthily and avoid those foods high in fat and sugar such as fast food. Eat more vegetables and replace that chocolate snack bar with a piece of fruit.

8.If at first you don’t succeed….

It is fairly common for those smokers trying to quit to relapse a some point. In fact it is not uncommon for this to happen on more than one occasion. Don’t despair learn from your mistakes and discover the reasons that caused you to falter. Think it through and next time you will be stronger. Now set a new date and reaffirm your commitment to quitting.

9. Join the group

It helps a lot to get all the support possible in order to quit smoking. Ask a health care provider like a doctor or pharmacist to direct you to a support group. They are very effective at helping people to quit. There are also online forums that you can log onto any time you need to get support. You can find others in the same position and you can help each other to stay strong.

10. Lastly, keep the faith

If you have a can-do attitude then chances are you will succeed and quit forever. You certainly will not do yourself any favors if you are constantly doubting your resolve. When things get rough just tell yourself you can get through this. Put temptation to the back of your mind ignore that urge and think positive thoughts – YOU CAN DO IT!

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