A 3 Step Homemade Colon Cleanse to Health

by Cindy Soto

If you’re reading about a homemade colon cleanse, it’s because you know how important colon health is to the whole health equation.

How can you have the energy and vitality you desire if your digestive system is out of order?

But what are you looking for in a homemade colon cleanse? You may find various recipes and articles recommending everything from raw eggs to herbs and soups. Be aware and careful as you contemplate how you can help your body heal.

Study these 3 steps before you do anything:

1 — Do you take full responsibility for your health or do you leave it to others? This is the first and most important step because your attitude changes completely when you realize you’re in the driver’s seat. Doctors and others can give advice, but you will learn and pursue health until you get what you want. Without health, what do you have?

2 — You can buy colon cleansing products or study the ingredients and then buy them yourself for less. But ask yourself, how can you help your body address the root cause of any digestive issues you’re facing?

What your body needs is lots of nutrients and for the toxins to stop coming in so quickly. Then the best homemade colon cleanse is to eat the raw organic veggies you’ve known you need to eat more of. That way you get the fiber, enzymes and nutrients your body needs. And of course, please drink lots of clean, toxin free water; half your body weight in ounces is the minimum daily requirement.

3 — The third step addresses colonic cleansing. After taking steps to start taking in the best things, you can also help your body by colonic cleansing. This will eliminate the old waste that’s stuck to the walls. An enema, with just clean water, will help a lot. It may sound scary if you’ve never done one, but it’s not.

If you really don’t want to do an enema yourself, you can go to a professional colonic therapist. The colon cleaning you get there is much deeper and more thorough than you can do at home.

There are a thousand opinions out there and some will tell you that it doesn’t matter what you eat during a homemade colon cleanse. Don’t believe it for a minute. You know it does matter and that the quickest way to health is to take charge of what you allow into your body.

Try doing some of the basics steps you already know. You’ll see some wonderful results. That’s because your body is meant to be self-healing. Just get out of the way and give it a little help.

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