A Career In Financial Advisor

by Mei Wertz

Keen to know more about financial advisor career and what it takes to become one?

The key requirements to becoming a financial advisor are talent, good communication skills and strong analytical ability.

Having a formal university degree is a must.

Career as a financial advisor is glamorous but take note, managing one’s finances efficiently is not every ordinary person’s cup of tea.

Topics like investments, tax matters and insurance policies are not easy to handle. You not only need to be able to handle these topics, but you must also like the topic.

These are the basics for any financial advisor as they need to provide sound financial advising.

You can provide the professional help and advice in financial matters properly only when you are knowledgeable and passionate.

Financial advising is a very lucrative profession as it is composed of jobs in the commerce field and offers a very attractive compensation pay package.

Financial advisors are just like salesmen. It is easy to start a career in this.

But you need to pass several multiple-choice tests, which do not require any educational qualifications.

Series 65 is one such test. Pass this and you can work as a financial advisor.

Many firms that offer financial advising services recruit people with very little experience as well.

Deep experience and a strong academic background count a lot in this industry; and membership with other accredited professional institutions and associations are also very helpful.

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