A Guide To Answering The Question Of What Are The Different Types Of E Cigarettes

The e cigarette is a welcome innovation for both smokers and non-smokers. For smokers, it affords them the opportunity to indulge their addiction, while minimizing the risks associated with smoking tobacco. For non-smokers it avails them the opportunity to avoid confrontations when people smoke around them. More so, it ensures that non-smokers do not become passive smokers when people smoke beside them. They provide smokers with the experience of smoking without actually touching a traditional roll of tobacco. Thus, the usual question for people coming across e cigs for the very first time is what are the different types of e cigarettes?

It is no longer news that in that there have been many technological improvements in recent years. In fact, the wonderful innovation of e cigs is a by-product of microelectronics technology. Yet it has also undergone some innovations in recent years.

The sizes, colors, flavors of e cigarettes differ significantly and the diversity caters for different tastes. For instance, some of them retain the traditional look and taste of cigars, this are meant for the die-hard lovers of old-fashioned cigars. On the other hand, those made specifically for the younger generation, such that they have different flavors form menthol to vanilla.

The size of these simple devices also varies, thereby reflecting the different preferences that people have for how they smoke. The smallest of all the e cigs are the super mini cigarettes. As the name implies, they are very small and feel very much like their conventional equivalents. The weak point of this type lies in the small size, which cannot house a battery that can last longer.

Another variety is the mini cigarettes, and they are duplicates of conventional ones in dimension. However, it traditional smokers will probably feel that it feels and looks strange. This is because it is slightly shorter than the conventional ones. It however, has a battery that is powerful that the batteries of the aforementioned ones. In addition, it supplies a greater supply of vapor just like the smoke obtainable from conventional forms.

Another one worthy of note is that super cigarette. This one has the design of a tobacco cigar although it is somehow bigger in size. However, the battery life of this one is commendable as it exceeds the battery life of the aforementioned substantially. More so, the slightly bigger size ensures that the smoker has a commensurate cloud of harmless smoke around him. The only drawback is that the cartridge is small and will need frequent refilling.

The choice of a type of e cigarette depends on a number of factors that are personal to the smoker. For instance, a smoker may make his decision for a certain type based on the size of the e cig. This does not necessarily mean that such a decision is good or bad. In addition, it certainly does not mean that everybody must have the same preferences.

However, most people make their decision based on some common principles that includes the reliability of the battery of the cig among others. Reliability is very essential to have a pleasant smoking experience with e cigars. Notwithstanding, an answer the question of what are the different types of e cigarettes will prove invaluable in making a choice.

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