A Look At Available Solutions For Tooth Replacement

The loss of permanent teeth can lead to self consciousness and even oral problems. One may avoid smiling to hide the gap or you may have problems with chewing your food. Whatever the case, it is important that a tooth replacement be put in place by a skilled emergency dentist in san diego. As a patient, you may be presented with any one of these options.

One option is a dental implant. An implant consists of the teeth and the artificial root that is used to keep it in place. The implant can either be placed in the bone itself using screws and other such implements. It can also be on the bone where the metal holding the prosthesis may be visible.

Another is the flipper which consist of the prosthesis and the wire used to hold it in place. The wire will be clipped to the healthy teeth beside it. They can be worn with ease and they are not high maintenance items. The drawback to this arrangement though is that some may find it difficult to eat or talk when it is still new.

Another solution is a procedure called bonding. The tooth will be bonded or glued to the teeth beside it. You will not have to deal with implements but it will last long only if it was attached properly by the dentist. This solution can last many months and can even last up to a year.

An emergency dental in san diego may also offer bridges. Getting a bridge means that the teeth on both sides of the gap will be crowned. An impression of these teeth is obtained and then the crowns are made. The crowns are then permanently attached to the new teeth. Though this can be an ideal solution for many patients, the drawback is that strong teeth beside the gap have to be treated for crowns.

Dentures are also one way to replace those missing teeth. They can be used for just one tooth or they can be used to replace several. The implement can be made from materials like plastic. As in other solutions they are also attached to healthy teeth. This solution is less costly but the wearer will still need some time to adjust.

The dentist can answer the questions you may have with the solution he is recommending. On the other hand, you can gain better understanding if you take the time to do research beforehand. Understand what the procedures would be like and determine what are the advantages and the drawbacks of these solutions. You should also check what the final results will be like.

Aside from considering the features of solution you have chosen, one should also check the cost of such a procedure. Your choice can mean an inexpensive total or it can lead to thousands of dollars in payout. The procedure will not only affect your appearance but will affect your overall oral health. It is therefore in your interest to double check the credentials and experience of the emergency dentist in san diego ca.

The right tooth replacement solution will help you improve your appearance. Aside from the aesthetic benefit, this solution will help keep your teeth in place and prevent any unwanted shifting or growths. This is also something important if you do not want to have problems with chewing your food.

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