A Look At Behavior Characteristics of Autism

by Lindelwa Maseko

Autism is a disorder of the mind which manifests within the first two years of the birth of a child. An affected child will have difficulty communicating with others, be introverted and have limited interests. While the cause behind autism is not yet known but some put the reason to hereditary factors and interestingly, it affects boys three times more than girls.

National Institute of Mental Health confirms that in the US there are over half a million people affected by autism. However early intervention in terms of diagnosis and treatment can have a very positive impact on the improvement of a child’s language and communication skills, though no cure has still been found. Autism is a brain development disorder that reduces a child’s power of self control, and quite often the child will engage in dangerous acts that may cause injury to themselves and others.

To rehabilitate an autistic child’s expressing abilities and restore self discipline, the child needs personalized attention. Bad tempers and periods of depression would often be brought under control by physicians by prescribing drug therapy. Since no two patients are alike, treatment modes also has to be customized. Because of this the cost of professional advice and treatment for an autistic child gets to be steep.

A nutritious diet is essential to the effectiveness of any behavioral therapy that an autistic child undergoes. As parents need to give their autistic children balanced healthy meals, they need to be careful that gluten, dairy products or sugars are banned from their diets. Fresh fruit and vegetables should be the basis for two of the daily meals as well as vitamin supplements that may be recommended by your doctor. When it comes to a sweetener, go for stevia which is perfect for patients of autism and diabetes. An herb of South American origin, stevia is a good replacement of sugar, and is readily available in all health stores.

The therapy of an autistic child goes on endlessly, since the person can not do with out constant support. Hardly any patient suffering from autism can live by himself, though some have displayed some amazing traits. Most autistic people would not be able to cross from the school level to the work place mainly due to their childlike nature. There is a school of thought who believes that autism is simply a state of mind and not a mental disorder, and this could be possible when you witness some autistic people having such extraordinary creative talents in art and music.

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