A Look At Gentle Detox

by Lindelwa Maseko

What is a weed to someone, can mean nature’s wonder herb to someone else. Chances are that you have heard of this weed and that the herb can be an effective remedy for several health conditions including acting as a detox for the body. It is not only safe and affordable, it could be used even during pregnancy (for iron supplementation and not detoxing) – say hello to dandelion.

Dandelion can be used as a nourishment provider for the whole body similar to the reason why you consume vitamin and mineral supplements because of the plethora of important vitamins and minerals that it contains. You could rely on its nutritive power if you go through the list of vitamins and minerals it contains: vitamins A, C and K, Choline, B-complex, iron, silicon, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and copper. Healthy and fit eaters would go for the leaves and make salads.

You could bring back hormonal balance if you detox liver with the help of dandelion. This is simply because of the hormone metabolizing action by the liver. A healthy liver can help you to handle all symptoms of menopause, menstrual cycle irregularity as well as PMS.

The diuretic properties of dandelion helps in losing weight, Dandelion has pronounced diuretic properties which helps in losing those extra pounds. Though it may not have anything to do with the inherent reason for weight gin, but it can help you lose weight without having to touch the important potassium content of the body.

If the cause behind weight gain is indigestion, then dandelion can be used. It helps in bowel movement with the ability of enhancing bile production from the gall bladder. If you use it for this you can take it for a few months to get a gallbladder and liver tune-up but remember to taper off using it slowly. One important action which you could expect from this weed is that it triggers some natural actions and secretions of the digestive tract, like its action on indigestion. It can ably and effective restore normalcy to your digestive organs with out you being over-concerned about it. Fat digestion can be difficult for some people because of inadequacy of bile and dandelion can be of immense help in such conditions.

Do not use dandelion to detox if you are allergic to it nor if you have gallbladder inflammation, intestinal blockage, or bile duct obstruction. 250 to 500 mg thrice a day with meals is the suggested dose for adults. Physician advice is recommended before use. Thank nature for its bounty and for the gift of health.

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