A Look At Migraine Headache Treatment

by Lindelwa Maseko

The common complaint for someone who has migraine headaches is they feel drained of all their energy and vigor. One of the factors suspected of causing a migraine is stress. The real cause of migraines still remains unknown though even with all the scientific breakthroughs and remedies available.

It is believed though that migraine is hereditary and although they affect the mind; their cause is caused by a biological problem. Laboratory studies in both humans and rats have come to the conclusion that certain steps need to be taken before the migraine attack. Drugs such as the Triptan group can be administered at anytime during a migraine attack as has been shown when tried on humans as well as rats. Preventive medication prescribed is taken to prevent the migraine or reduce the number of attacks.

People who suffer from migraines usually complain of similar symptoms; a sever headache just on one side of the head plus nausea and vomiting with hypersensitivity to light and poor sleep. Although headache is the main head pain it can move and encompass the forehead, eyes and jaw to ear region.

Many migraines are so intense that they incapacitate their victim so they cannot work or carry out any day to day tasks. The Lancet medical journal found that when foods normally associated with allergies were avoided, like dairy products and wheat, the incidents of migraine reduced by a massive 85%. Alternative migraine headache treatments also focus on the cause being the result of a food allergy causing constriction of the arteries in the brain and dilating the muscular scalp arteries.

The use of magnets has been known to have beneficial effects on the body for a long time because on of the effects that would benefit a migraine sufferer is the stimulation of hormone production. Riboflavin was originally considered for migraine prevention because researchers observed that migraine sufferers tend to have impaired energy production in brain cells which riboflavin has the potential to enhance as it is a component of a key substance involved in the body’s energy production.

While natural, alternative and homeopathic migraine remedies are quite popular currently, there is no evidence as yet that they are superior to any other method at preventing attacks, reducing the frequency or that work for a large number of sufferers.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to what worked for someone else because it may not work as well for you. Keeping a migraine diary that lists dates and other information such as food eaten etc.

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