Acid reflux only feels like it’s a terminal disease

by Tony Russo

Most of those that suffer from acid reflux realize that this is stomach acid backing up into the esophagus. Those same people know that this is a very miserable situation to have to deal with on a regular basis.

Most often the symptoms causing suffering from acid reflux are described as either a burning sensation or any painful feeling in the middle of your chest in the area of the heart. Because of this many people experiencing the symptoms of acid reflux for the first time become concerned about their heart. Since there is that possibility it is important that sufferers from acid reflux seek the help of their family doctor.

These symptoms of acid reflux are most likely to happen after a heavy meal. For this reason there are many people who avoid the onset of acid reflux by starting their meals lightly with soup or salad thus easing the stress on one’s digestive system.

The side effects of this pain and burning may manifest themselves in a variety of ways. In addition to the painful burning, other problems may include becoming temporarily hoarse because of the damage done by the acid backing up in the throat.

When people speak of experiencing heartburn they are really talking about another unpleasant side effect associated with acid reflux. In addition to burning and tightness in the chest, sometimes there is even difficulty in breathing normally. Heartburn, however, is by far the most frequently experienced side effect of acid reflux.

Many cases of acid reflux are resolved simply by correcting poor eating habits. Poor eating habits include not only eating the wrong combination of foods but also the wrong quantity of food and stuffing that excess food into the stomach much too quickly. Fast eaters are frequently sufferers of acid reflux pain and discomfort.

The expression “acid reflux” typically has the word disease added to it but in point of fact it is important to understand that this is not a disease. It is important to understand this distinction since calling something a disease automatically implies to most people that the only help available comes through a physician. Although this is sometimes correct it is hardly the case in the majority of situations. Again, people suffering from acid reflux are frequently helped by changing the types of food that they eat and the speed at which they eat.

One unfortunate consequence of acid reflux is that the burning sensation described by many sufferers is an actual burning of the tissue of the esophagus and cannot be treated lightly.

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