Addiction To Anger Issues Is Not Good

by David Lenthal

Although usually most anger issues often gets resolved in time, many of us seem to be forever angry at just about anything. Sometimes, our anger issues are so absurd that we could not even understand why we are furious at all. If you’re one of those folks who seem to have so many anger issues and is having trouble controlling your anger, you might be suffering from what many experts call “anger addiction”.

Actually, What’s This Anger Addiction?

According to experts, doctors and psychiatrists, some folks are so concerned about their anger issues that they become perennially angry. Like any other types of addiction, someone who is addicted to anger and violence display symptoms such as self-stimulation, obsession, compulsion, withdrawal, rejection and unpredictable behavior.

In fact, self-stimulation is one of the most common manifestations of anger addiction usually. For those people who are addicted to rage or anger, expressing their anger is self-stimulating. It doesn’t matter how petty their anger issues are, these people would express their anger in some ways because it gives them an emotion of gratification.

Since venting their anger stimulates them and give them a feeling of happiness, people who are addicted to anger wants to be furious most of the time. Therefore, to fuel their anger, these people often resort to alcohol. Unluckily, such attitude is very negative.

In most cases, the family, friends and colleagues of a person who is addicted to rage often suffer. Children of parents who are addicted to anger and violence often get abused.

Apart from self-stimulation, folks who are addicted to anger tend to be compulsive and obsessive. These folks tend to dwell on their past anger issues even when these anger issues have already been properly resolved.

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