An Air Cooler in Your Future

by Andrew Caxton

A problem that is becoming a world wide issue is clean water for the inhabitants of this planet to use. As many as 6,000 people may die each day because of the consumption of contaminated water, according to the United Nations.

The only way to make many sources of water safe is through the process of water purification. Water purification occurs naturally in some instances. Since it is the process of passing water through a material that will filter out certain impurities, some waters that pass through rock or earth are naturally filtered. An example of this would be well water.

But many times the ground water that is extracted has very poor quality water, and must be purified or filtered further in order for it to be safe for human consumption. There are a number of techniques in addition to filterization that are used to purify water: electrode ionization, ion exchange, distillation, reverse osmosis and boiling.

Most large municipalities supply water to their citizens through water system that processes water from entry through exit (sewage). In addition to guaranteeing a supply of water to the citizens, who all want their air cooler, their water better, etc., the goal of these systems is sanitation, and so the water is purified before it is piped to homes. In addition, the municipality may determine it is beneficial to treat the water in other ways, for example by adding fluoride or conditioning hard water to make it better for household use.

There are many issues facing suppliers of municipal water. The addition of fluoride is a controversial subject, accidents have occurred in water treatment plants that have actually made the water safe to drink, and gigantic water supplies such as this are viewed as a prime terrorist target.

City water supplies are cleaned to a certain extent, but that does not necessarily mean that the water supply will be good tasting. For this reason, many people with city water have opted to add further water filtering to the water supply as it enters their homes.

There are many options, from whole house systems, to under the counter filters, all the way down to pitcher filters. Filtering water has become such an integral part of our lives that most homes have at least one of these types of filters. One of the biggest goals is to remove chlorine and chemicals such as that from the water to make it taste better. It all depends on the kind of water that is being received in the first place. There may be different kinds of contaminants in each water source, so different kinds of water processing may be necessary.

Because so many people do not like the taste or contents of municipal water, they insist on further purifying the water from their faucets. There are hundreds, if not thousands of choices on the market for the consumer to choose from to clean his home water. And of course, as we see from the ubiquitous bottle in everyone’s hand nowadays, there is bottled water for when you are not at home.

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