An Electronic Air Cleaner For Your Whole Home

by Jason Mann

Air pollution, when allowed to build up inside your house, can certainly become a serious problem. It can turn out to be an environmental threat to the health of your family. However, a home air cleaner might be the answer to your problems.

There are many options offered on the market like home electronic air cleaners, portable purifiers and ionizers, or home furnace air filters. The effective solution is to use a home cleaner which will clean the air in your whole house, from your bedroom to your basement.

A home electronic air cleaner is one of the products which can clean the air in your entire home. It is particularly effective as it is capable of trapping almost all of the airborne pollutants traveling through your heating and cooling systems. Another advantage is that it is so easy to use. This advanced air cleaner can even capture microscopic impurities such as dust, smog particles and smoke as well as larger particles like pet dander and mold spores.

Here’s How They Work

The pollutants are gathered up when an electric charge is placed upon the airborne particles, just like metal is attracted to a magnet. An air cleaner is also easy to care for; you just wash the cells of the air cleaner in the sink or dishwasher. And the filters don’t need frequent replacement.

The technology of the home electronic air cleaner is patented. The particles that enter the air cleaner pass through a control electrode. This focuses and intensifies an electrical field that is generated by ionizing wires. The particles that are trapped get charged in this electrical field. They are then collected on grounded micro-fiber media. That is why there is no cleaning of collector plates as with other types of air cleaners.

Saving Energy

If you install a home electronic air cleaner, you can save energy too. Often there is a lot of dust, dirt, hair and other substances that collect and build up in your heating and cooling equipment. This can reduce the efficiency of your system. An air cleaner can automatically filter out these particles and thereby maintain the efficiency of your central heating and cooling system. In the bargain it will also consume less energy.

Before having your system installed, you need to choose whether you would like a total home system or just to clean one room at a time. Also, pay attention to the maintenance requirements since some of the most recent models need only minimal care. The equipment needs to be durable and long lasting, so choose the best quality your can afford.

The noise factor is also important. An electronic air cleaner should be invisible and silent. Also, it should be designed in such a way that you can install it in the cooling and heating system of your house.

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