Apple’s iPhone 4S Now With Siri Voice Recognition Technology

Aren’t there times when you wish you had an assistant who had answers to all your questions? Someone who can be there to remind you of the birthdays of all your friends. Apple iPhone 4S may just have the answer. It is Siri, an artificial intelligence system in your iPhone 4S. There is a personality to Siri that has humor and seriousness in right amounts. You ask “Siri, Do I want to wear my jacket today.” on a cold chilly morning, and it says “Yes wear your jacket, the temperature is low”, You ask “Siri, Will you marry me” and it replies “let’s just remain friends, OK.”. The replies given in its robotic tone can make you laugh when you are really low.
Development of Siri
Originally announced for Android supported and Blackberry systems, Siri now is available on iPhone 4S after Apple Inc purchased it on 28th April 2010. CALO project to develop Siri was funded by the leading research agency DARPA. It is said that the research and development period for SIRI was 40 years. Many researchers from Universities like University of Massachusetts, Oregon State University, Stanford University were involved in the making of this artificial intelligence system.
Technology of Siri
Speech recognition technology is used in Siri. Siri has been released in its beta version now. The app is going to be developed to a final version soon by the research teams. Siri can understand and reply in 3 languages: English, French and German. It can also be ported onto other Apple devices like iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch. Internet connection from a Wi-Fi or a 3G system is needed to make Siri work. Home button is to be held for 3 to 4 seconds in order to work Siri on your iPhone 4S.
Siri and the Future of Technology
Siri is presently still a Beta tested app as discussed before. Imagine the sort of effect it might have when released as a fully tested final app. Things are being made simpler today with the help of technology like that used in Siri. When social media like Facebook and Twitter came into picture, people started being “social” only on those platforms. And now with Siri, it feels like you already have a friend and an assistant, both in one. Siri can not only do the serious tasks of finding information and answering questions but can also humor you with a joke or two. This app can lead to a lot of other technological developments that can in the future give us a product that will be life like in nature. You may think that there are robots that can act like humans. But the actions of a robot are determined by its software program. Have you ever thought about a robot, which can be there anytime you want and share what is going on your mind. It may seem like a distant reality but Siri can make it all happen earlier than you have imagined.
Researchers made what we thought “impossible” possible with Siri.. More and more research is being conducted to turn all those “abstract imaginations” into a reality. It wont take long for the researchers to come up with something that can amaze us all again.

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