Are There Cures For Ovarian Cysts?

by Jay Taylor

Before choosing between alternative health all natural ovarian cyst cures or opting for conventional treatment with your health care professional, there are some things that you need know before making that choice. First off it is imperative that you have the cyst diagnosed by a doctor. You need to know what type and the size of the cyst you have, before making any choices, whether natural or conventional treatment. Sometimes medical treatment may be necessary or be the only safe option. Many times a cyst will disappear after a few menstrual cycles. If not, most doctors will recommend surgical removal, where alternative medicine practitioners will advocate natural ovarian cyst cures.

Functional ovarian cysts will most likely disappear without treatment, but there is always a possibility that another one can develop. Using a natural treatment can be a option to prevent additional cysts from reoccurring. Certain herbs help with the abnormalities of the menstrual cycle, along with proper nutrition and this is what causes cysts to develop. Getting the hormones back in balance can be helpful for ovarian cyst cures.

Women who have had ovarian cysts in the past may want to try to prevent cysts with the use of supplements that are meant to balance hormones, improve immunity, and enhance the function of the liver. Taken over the course of several months and followed up with a doctor’s care, these supplements can help the body function as it should and be effective as ovarian cyst cures.

Multivitamins and minerals allow individuals to receive some proper nutrition. Likewise, Vitamin C helps boost the immune system, preventing ovarian cysts by attacking unhealthy or abnormal cells. Zinc helps cells reproduce during the normal development of the egg and also helps keep free radical damage to the DNA under control. B-vitamins, on the other hand, balance hormone levels by helping the liver convert excess estrogen into less dangerous substances. Finally, antioxidants protect cells against damage and cell changes.

Some women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts may be able to use herbs as possible ovarian cyst cures. There are herbs which have properties that help balance hormones and prevent the development of functional cysts. Bear in mind though, women who are currently undergoing hormone therapy should not use any of these herbs.

There are several herbs which help maintain equilibrium of the hormones so they may act as ovarian cyst cures. Silymarin marianum, more commonly known as milk thistle, is an herb whose properties allow it to have a protective effect on the liver and to improve its function, while deterring abnormal cell growth. Echinacea works by increasing white blood cells and maximizes blood cell activity, thus allowing the immune system to fight off abnormal cells. Echinacea works best when taken for 10 straight days, resting for 3 days, and resuming for another 10 more days.

If you choose to treat your ovarian cyst naturally, it is still best to ask guidance from your doctor. Even if supplements and herbs are deemed harmless, you should consult your doctor first before using any unproven ovarian cyst cures.

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