Artificial Intelligence At Its Best- Siri For iPhone 4S Released

Have you ever wanted a virtual assistant who can find anything for you. Right from finding a hotel nearby to reminding you about your wedding anniversary. Seems like Apple has the solution. Apple’s new app Siri is an artificial intelligence system, which you can use as your virtual assistant. There is a personality to Siri that has humor and seriousness in right amounts. It can amaze you just how many of these issues it can solve for you.
How Developments Started for Siri
Originally announced for Android supported and Blackberry systems, Siri now is available on iPhone 4S after Apple Inc purchased it on 28th April 2010. DARPA, the research agency under which CALO project for Siri was started, is the company that provided funds for Siri’s development. It took the researchers a period of 40 years to come up with this advanced app. This project is a result of collaboration of many researchers from reputed universities like Oregon State University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Massachusetts etc.
Technology of Siri
Siri is based on the technology of “voice recognition”. It is still in its Beta version and would be developed into a full application soon. There are 3 languages which Siri can support: German, English and French. An altered version of Siri can be used on other Apple platforms that include the iPad tablet and iPhone 4 mobile. Internet connection from a Wi-Fi or a 3G system is required to make Siri work. A “how can I help you screen” of Siri appears on iPhone 4S, if you press the home button and hold it for a couple of seconds.
Siri and the Future of Technology
Like mentioned before, Siri is still in its Beta stage. It has become the hot favorite of Apple users already, imagine the type of popularity it would enjoy if made into a fully developed app for users. New changes are being brought in the technology world owing to release Siri. Twitter, mySpace and Facebook have created an environment for people to be “social” with each other without having to meet. This app is going to change that too as you will find not only an assistant but also a friend. Your new best bud will help you not only to find stuff but also in making you laugh with its smart replies. The future of technology looks good with Siri already making it easier to believe that there can be many other developments in the area of artificial intelligence, which eventually will be able to give us a human like system. You may wonder that we already have such systems in robots. We do have robots today that act only as programmed. How about a robot that is so close to reality that it can listen to all your grief and manage to give you a solution. It is just a thought, but with Siri it may become a reality soon.
Researchers made what we thought “impossible” possible with Siri.. There is nothing that cannot be done today with the help of technology and Siri is proving it to be true. It wont take long for the researchers to come up with something that can amaze us all again.

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