Basic Facts Regarding Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a form of plastic surgery that is performed for different reasons. Some of the reasons include correction of developmental abnormalities, cosmetic reasons, creating symmetry on the two sides, restoring the normal appearance after changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding, reconstruction after damage due to trauma or disease. Out of these, cosmetic reasons have stood out as the most common.

Augmentation is done by use of implants. These are of two main types: saline filled and silicone filled implants. The saline filled type contains salty sterile water and is the easier of the two to mould into different shapes. The silicone type does require a larger incision when being inserted due to less malleability.

During consultation, the patient is taken through what the procedure entails. They are shown the different sizes and shapes of implants available and the different outcomes. The choice of what shape and size to use depends primarily on individual preferences. Other determinants include skin color, nipple location and the extent of the areolar. A detailed history may be required to determine if one has any conditions that may complicate the procedure.

There are precautions to be undertaken by the candidate as they wait to go for surgery. These are best spelt out by the surgeon during consultation as per the individual situation. Smokers, for instance, are required to quit several months before if they are to stand a chance of being successful. Individuals who use drugs likely to precipitate bleeding should stop for a while until when the surgery is over.

Most centers that offer the service conduct the operation in the outpatient department. The whole process lasts for about two hours. The exact modification made is primarily dependent on personal preferences. An implant may be placed either underneath or on top of the chest muscles. Sagging breasts usually need extra manoeuvres to create a lift. Photographs may be taken before and after the procedure for records.

The outcome is generally very good. Recovery takes a day or two but a couple of weeks are required before one can be involved in intensive physical activities. Many women have long-lasting results except in cases where there is deflation. In the event that this happens, there is need for the implant to be replaced. Due to gravity and effects of aging, women should expect some alterations in size and shape over time.

There are a number of risks associated with breast augmentation. One of them is the fact that there may be distortion of the shape due to scar tissue formation. This may require any surgery. Some people complain of pain after the procedure but this is usually mild and responds to analgesics. The implant may leak or rupture in some cases. Other risks include reduction in nipple sensation and infection at the surgical site.

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