Be Aware Of The Myths About Hair Loss

A lot of people believe the wrong things regarding hair loss. This article will debunk the most popular hair loss myths out there. Learn about it by reading through this article.

When boys go through puberty, many parents scare them from masturbating by telling them that too much ejaculation can cause baldness. This is also the reason why some people think that having too much sex can lead to losing hair. Of course, not of these are true.

There are people who think that because they are losing hair daily, they are already balding. This is not true. We all lose hair every day and that is normal because hair goes through a cycle of growing, shedding off and then replacing. A person can actually lose as much as 100 hairs daily and it is still not a sign of balding.

Some people think that constant wearing of hats can cause baldness. Well, this can sometime be true. If the hat that you wear constantly puts excessive tension on your hair, then it may cause baldness. Otherwise, wearing hats 24 hours a day will never lead to hair loss.

Some people think that shampoo can cause baldness, because they notice that they lose hair after they shower. Shampoo does not cause baldness at all. There is hair fall after showering because bathing washes away old hairs that have already been shed off.

Some myths are about the cure to baldness. Most proposed cures to baldness are hoaxes. For example, some people think that hair loss can be cured by washing your hair with cold water in the morning. Cold water may improve the circulation in your head, but it cannot cure baldness.

A funny misconception people have is that hair loss can be cured by standing on their heads. There are also those who say that you can cure hair loss by massaging your scalp. Both of these can increase circulation on the scalp, but none can truly cure baldness.

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