Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Most of us in Glasgow want that white bright smile – just as you see in the movies. But we don’t always feel that it is possible. Everyone knows that an attractive smile is something most people notice, and will take you far in life. You will be glad to know that there is a lot you can do to get that beautiful smile with bright white teeth. The process is known as teeth whitening.

There are two approaches that you can follow when you decide on having teeth whitening done. You can either do it yourself at home, or go to a professional that specializes in teeth whitening. If you decide that you want to do it yourself at home, you should know that it can take much longer as the products you buy at a pharmacy are not as effective as the ones used by professionals.

Getting your teeth whitened by a professional is definitely the faster and easier way to achieve your desired outcome. The majority of professional teeth whitening systems make use of a compound of peroxide, which is applied to the teeth with a brush in the form of a gel. Most of these procedures make use of a laser to get the maximum effect from the compounds in the gel. In actual fact the laser is not always a laser. The word is just used to make the whole process sound more advanced. It is just a strong light.

Most dentists like to associate themselves with one specific product. So if you prefer a certain product, or have had some experience with it, make sure that your selected dentist can accommodate you. You will see that every one of these systems make use of special techniques, although there are similarities between them. Before any dentist can start with the teeth whitening process, they have to descale your teeth, clean it and polish it in order for the teeth whitening to be effective. They should also take before and after photos of your teeth so that you can see the progress and how effective the process has been.

Sometimes your dentist will whiten all of your teeth, and sometimes only some of them. The teeth that don’t require whitening will then be protected so that the whitening product does not affect them. The rest of your mouth will also be protected so that it doesn’t come out shiny white!

One of the disadvantages of professional teeth whitening however is that it is quite expensive, and a lot more so than home teeth whitening systems. You should always keep those costs in mind. It does however, require fewer treatments and is much quicker. You will also have the peace of mind that it is performed by a professional. Someone that you can hold responsible should something go wrong.

So now you know that that bright white smile is well within your reach!

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