Best Topics to Teach Kids About Fire Safety

One of the most important lessons in life is fire safety. Along with being hazardous, fires also cause death and damage to people’s homes and belongings. Fire is never expected, and you must be ready in case it happens. This is the reason teaching children about fire safety is so important. Teachers and child care workers can work together with parents to tell children what they need to know about fire safety.

Following are some crucial elements that should be taught to children. Whether they’re at home or at school, kids should know about routes of escape. Children old enough to follow directions should be taught how to identify fire exits and how they are used. And of course they need to know how to get out quickly and correctly. This can be achieved with a regular practice of a fire drill.

Make sure they understand that they should touch the door knob lightly prior to opening the door because if it’s hot there is a fire on the opposite side. Because smoke initially rises indoors; children should practice crawling along the floor during fire drills. Kids should be taught the different types of fire safety equipment. You need to teach children what each one is for, but not necessarily how to use it. It is imperative that they know that the piercing wail of an alarm means that smoke and therefore fire has been detected.

When the sound that the kids are trained to listen for is heard, they will know about the fire and they will be able to respond in the way they have been trained. To teach children to fight fire might be a bridge too far but some knowledge of fire blankets and how to cover them whilst escaping a burning premises may be achievable. The most common and important phrase to teach children about fire safety is “doing play with matches.” Kids need to understand that playing with matches or other flammable items can lead to dangerous situations. Educate them about the possible consequences of such actions so they aren’t tempted to try them out of curiosity.

There are three major facets of personal fire safety: Preparing an escape route, how to exit during a fire, and how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll” Teaching fire safety to kids really isn’t very hard as most modern children are intelligent, advanced thinkers. Fire protection can help keep your kids out of danger.

Originally written by Kari Mccarthy head author of, Your Life After 25.

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