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Health care is a major part of the economy these days and it is one of the few sectors in which there are still plenty of jobs available instead of disappearing. The health care field has a lot of different careers within it and some are more demanded than others. When you apply for jobs and go after more education you need to research what the economy in your area is like. Here is an analysis of a few of the careers within the health care field to help spark your interest.

Even in areas where unemployment is high, you’ll often find many job openings for home health care aides. When you have one of these jobs you will be caring for people who are disabled, ill or elderly in their own homes. You may have to help them with everyday living tasks, such as getting into and out of bed, eating and making sure they take the right medicines. Home health care aides also do chores like fixing meals, doing the shopping and transporting their patients to doctor and other appointments. You can do this independently or contract through a home health agency. Your current location will determine how much education you will need to take these kinds of jobs. Some states require home health aides to have Certified Nursing Assistant. As an x-ray technician, or otherwise known as a radiological technologist, your main duties are taking the x-rays that the medical profession uses so often. The technician needs to be able to use advanced equipment to take x-rays, but the important part of the job is getting the right x-ray, and taking a clear picture. In this type of job, you’ll be taking x-rays for radiologists and other doctors to evaluate the conditions of patients. It is your job to make sure the x-ray equipment is in good running order. The different ways of becoming an x-ray technician is taking a hospital based training program, or having specialized training with an Associate’s degree. $50,000 a year is the average annual salary, so it is a very good paying career opportunity.

While jobs in health related fields are relatively plentiful in many areas, this will vary from one state and county to another. This is why, if you are thinking of taking on a health career you need to investigate your local job situations. Your newspaper’s Help Wanted section and the unemployment office statistics reports are good places to find this sort of information. If you would like to go into a lucrative health field but the area in which you are living isn’t hiring a lot of people, you might think about consider relocating. Overall, however, health careers make up one of the strongest areas of our economy.

There is such a demand for occupational therapists, and with the need for their services being so great, there are plenty of job openings. People who have injuries from an accident usually need an occupational therapist to help them deal with their injuries, to speed up the recovery time. Something as simple as learning how to walk again, is one of the many tasks that you will be asked to perform, when this is your career. Only special people can be occupational therapists, because you will be doing some lowly tasks, but you need an upbeat personality to keep encouraging your patients until they get well. You might think that being an occupational therapist would be a rewarding career, but it will take you a lot of education, needing a Master’s degree. If this field is of interest to you, it is a rewarding career with a very good salary.

Health careers are really popular these days because they pay really well and the field usually has a lot of jobs available. Obviously though, if these are the only reasons you are interested in this field, you might want to think again. Medical careers can be quite hard and you need to actually be interested in and dedicated to the job you want. Many people enter health related jobs and find they aren’t well suited to them. Not all people have what it takes to be an EMT, nurse or home health care aide. These are really demanding jobs that require you to have lots of energy, a high level of dedication and the ability to interact well with people. It is important, if you’re thinking of beginning a health career, that the career is something that you are truly interested in and not just another job. The health careers we’ve covered in this article are just some of the directions you can take in this rapidly expanding area. If you’re serious about a health related career, it’s a good idea to take a thorough look at all of the opportunities, as there are quite a few, each with its own educational requirements and job description. You need to be open with yourself about your interests and your talent level before choosing what you want.

If you are unemployed or aren’t happy with your current career, there are a ton of opportunities just waiting for you in the health related industry. If you think you are too old for a new career or that you can’t afford to go back to school, think again; don’t just assume that you can’t do it. There are jobs that don’t require lots of schooling and there are grants and loans that can help you go back to school.

We have explored some of the health careers that are in high demand right now. If you do some additional research you will find all sorts of others. Health careers are quite rewarding but they can be challenging too. If this sounds interesting to you, take a look and see what kind of health career opportunities exist in your area.

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