Cause Of Pain In The Shoulder Blades And Remedy Thereof

The shoulder blade pain could be caused by many factors. If it is a cause of injury, the reason is straightforward. If however, there is no case of injury then the causes could be varied and only a diagnosis by a medical expert can establish the real cause of shoulder pain and suggest appropriate treatment.

Generally the pain of the shoulder blade is not due to itself. The shoulder blade or Scapula, as it is medically known. Scapula is a bone which is triangular in shape and consists of many tendons, muscles, nerves and ligaments. Anyone can suffer from injury at some point or the other. Not all require medical help, but some do. The pain in the shoulder blade is mostly due to a problem somewhere else in the body. If you have got hurt in the ligament, tendon, or muscle surrounding the shoulder, neck or upper back, then you may suffer pain. If you are suffering from degenerative disc disease or pressed nerves.

Indication of the pain

The pain in the shoulder back usually revolves in the area of the upper back and the shoulders and the pain in the arms. The pain can be both sharp and dull. There might also be a feeling of burning in the arms. It might also be accompanied by the headache, nausea, chest pain, high temperature or other sickness. In these severe cases a doctor must always be consulted.

Common Reasons

There are some common causes for the shoulder blade pain. One is a broken collar bone. If you fall on your outstretched arm, you may break your collar bone. And severe pain would be caused to your shoulder blades. The second cause is Bursitis. A Bursa is a sac providing a cushion to the muscles and joints. The Bursa can be stiff or swollen after an injury causing shoulder blade pain.

Heart attack can cause a pain in the shoulder termed as a ‘referred pain’. Rotator Cuff injury is another cause of shoulder blade pain. The rotator cuff consists of a group of tendons supporting the shoulder. During some physical movements like lifting weights, playing games involving lots of throwing, these tendons can suffer injury. This can cause a syndrome called ‘frozen shoulder’ restricting movement of arms. Whiplash injury causes severe pain in the shoulder blades. Injury to the ligaments and muscular formations in the neck can be caused by sudden high acceleration or deceleration of a car as in the case of a car accident.


The accurate cause of the pain in the shoulder blade needs to be ascertained so that the right treatment can be prescribed. Whether you need a physiotherapist, a physician or a chiropractor, would depend on how severe and nagging the pain is. You could resort to home treatment in case you have not had an injury in the shoulder blade. The medicines available over the counter, heating pads and ice packs can improve your misery of pain.

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