Cheap Basic Medical Insurance Is Better Than No Cover At All

by Donald Saunders

If money is tight in your household than you may well have decided to skimp on medical insurance and you are definitely not alone because all too many people do not have any form of medical insurance. In their mind, they simply can’t justify paying the extra money it would take.

Is this really such a good idea in today’s society? In most cases it might be a terrible mistake. With the way that health costs are rising every year even the most basic procedures could cost thousands of dollars.

Let’s say for example that you have been putting off purchasing medical insurance. You rally do not feel that you can afford to pay for anything extra from your account each month and so you simply put it off.

Then one day you are driving home from a hard day’s work when someone pulls right out in front of you and you take evasive action to miss them. In doing so you leave the road and run into a tree. Seeing this, the driver in the other car keeps on driving because they’re frightened. Not surprisingly, you suffer a variety of injuries and have to be taken to the the local hospital.

You can’t really pick and choose whether or not you want life saving treatment following an accident. The doctors will just do whatever needs to be done and bill you later. Naturally, spending any amount of time in the emergency room is not conducive to saving you money. The hospital in our example than presents you with a bill for approximately $50,000 for all of the services they performed.

What this means is that, instead of paying one or two hundred dollars each month for medical insurance, you are saddled with a bill that you will never be able to pay. When you owe the hospital money, they’ll send bill collectors and will eventually sue you. You may have to file for bankruptcy and your credit rating is going to be stained forever. Your entire life might well be negatively affected in this case.

Some sort of medical insurance coverage is better than having no medical insurance coverage at all. Accidents like this occur each day and, if you have some form of medical insurance coverage, your insurer is going to save your bacon. Instead of you being landed with an insurmountable bill you will have somebody who is going to take care of it.

You will probably be asked to pay something but it is going to be much more manageable with help from the insurer. If you have put off getting some kind of medical insurance then don’t put it off any longer. Don’t talk yourself into believing that it is not worth getting cover unless you are able to buy an expensive package with all the features.

begin small with just the basic features needed in case of emergency and, then as you begin to get more comfortable with your bills, gradually upgrade the cover to get the features you want. It will not seem like such a large bite out of your monthly paycheck if you take it slowly.

At the end of the day medical insurance is not something that you can really afford to live without so do not be afraid to talk to somebody about your options. There is only one way to know what you are able to afford and that is to ask.

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