Common Misconceptions About Chronic Back Pain Greenbelt MD

In case you are experiencing vertebrae aches or discomforts you are not alone. Statistics have shown that over 80% of people will go through such pains at least once in their lifetime. These discomforts may be as a result of different factors. When the irritation or aching goes untreated, it affects the immune system, and with time one will experience inveterate pains. If you experience painful sensation here are some of the major causes of chronic back pain Greenbelt MD.

When one experiences vertebrae aches, they tend to link the conditions with severe or chronic diseases. While in some scenarios it may be true, not in all situations the conditions occurs due to a severe illness. Some of the leading causes of the disorder may include obesity, bad sitting posture, lack of exercise, osteoporosis, rheumatic arthritis, injury among others. Sometimes the pains may not have caused a lot of damage and if given the right attention one can recover without any complications.

Studies have also linked obesity to abdominal discomforts. Though there has not been a scientific proof to how obesity causes these illnesses, people who are obese are at high risk of experiencing such aches compared to their counterparts. According to American Obesity Association, individuals who were overweight were unable to complete their daily activities equated to people with chronic conditions. This shows how weight gain can impact your life as well as exposing one to chronic back pains.

Practicing unhealthy lifestyles like smoking can also cause chronic aches on the back. Biologically, nicotine is known to restrict the flow of blood to the disk that buffers the vertebrae. This causes the disc to deteriorate this causing vertebrae or abdominal pains.

Chronic vertebrae aches can lead to paralysis. In most cases, when one has a severe irritation on the abdominal side it does not mean that the condition is chronic. The only time a vertebrae pain can lead to paralysis is when one has spinal fractures which are unstable, spinal tumors or infection of the spine.

While infection, injury, exposure to toxins and substance abuse can cause neuropathy, Regional pain syndrome and diabetes are some of the principal causes of neuropathic aches. When one goes through the neuropathic agony, they may experience painful sensations which move along the spine to the arms, legs, and feet.

Lack of regular exercise can weaken the abdominal muscles. This is evident when one gets involved in a strenuous activity. Chances are you will experience back pains. However, when one exercise daily the muscles around the abdomen tend to become robust and stable. Alongside this, walking and swimming are also recommended.

Though such agony may be as a result of different factors, when one experiences a painful sensation whether acute or chronic, it is highly advisable to seek medical attention. However, various causes of these pains may be similar, and one may be diagnosed with the wrong condition. Consider talking to a highly qualified Green Belt health practitioner who will examine your situation before subjecting you to medication.

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