Cosmetic Dentistry can Improve the Look of Your Smile

by Amy Nutt

We live in the day in age in which almost anything is possible. Years ago it was very difficult and very expensive to improve your smile. If you had bad teeth, then you just had to settle with that fact. You couldn’t go to your dentist and say, “Give me a better smile.” You simply went to your dentist and allowed him or her to do the best they could with your smile. Some people just found it unnecessary to go to the dentist at all unless they were getting their bad teeth pulled and getting dentures.

Fortunately, there have been some fantastic innovations in the world of dentistry that allows even those with the worst teeth the opportunity to have a beautiful smile with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist. We see it all of the time on makeover shows and we’re seeing it more and more in the general public. Here are five ways in which that is being made possible:

Teeth whitening – Many individuals who have yellowing teeth will go to a cosmetic dentist and have treatments that whiten their teeth. The formula that is used whitens teeth after just a few visits.

– Porcelain veneers – Cosmetic dentists frequently use porcelain veneers to improve a smile. Porcelain veneers are a material that is made of ceramic. That material is the bonded to the front teeth in order to change the color of the teeth, their shape, and even their size.

– Dental implants – If an individual has teeth that are missing or they have teeth that cannot be restored, the cosmetic dentist will use dental implants. These implants are placed within the lower or upper jaw in order to restore a person’s smile. It is not obvious that these teeth are implants.

– Tooth contouring – A cosmetic dentist will use tooth contouring when there is something such as a chip or an abnormally shaped tooth that looks out of place. The dentist does this by removing a bit of the surface enamel in order to remove those defects.

– Orthodontics – Orthodontics are very important because they involve fixing abnormalities in the jaw, the bite, and of the teeth. At one time, they were common in children, but are now used on adults to fix these abnormalities. Another name for this is dentofacial orthopedics since orthodontics involves actual facial abnormalities. This also involves the straightening of teeth through the use or braces and retainers. Many individuals have had braces at one time or another, so this is a very common practice when it comes to straightening teeth.

So you can see the amazing innovations that have come around in recent years, with the exception of braces. Braces have been around for quite some time and many individuals had them as children. However, for those individuals who were not able to get braces as children, there are now ways for them to have that perfect smile. There is no more having to settle when there is a cosmetic dentist close by who can help and do so affordably. How do you think all of these movie stars have perfect smiles? They weren’t born with them. They simply employed the services of a cosmetic dentist to give them a Hollywood smile. Just look at some of the more seasoned stars twenty years ago and then look at them today. Chances are they are not sporting the same exact smile they were back in their younger days. Today it seems things are a little more “in place” and a bit whiter than they used to be.

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