Cystic Acne – A Nightmare for the Young

by George Thomas

Usually everyone has had acne at sometime of his or her lives usually the adolescence stage. You may have suffered from white head, black head or pustules they all have the same medical term acne. Some kinds of acne have a very harmful affect on the emotional well being of an individual. These are cystic acne and individuals suffering from this kind are also referred to as pizza face as their faces have red spots around the acne.

The main cause of acne is blocked hair follicles. What blocks the oil like hair follicles are bacteria and secretions of sebaceous glands. In cystic acne, this blockage is deep into the skin. It causes tenderness in the skin and the area looks red and inflamed. They may also have pus filled in them. It was previously thought that cystic acne is the result of inadequate skin care and bad hygiene principles. This is now understood to be a myth; though poor hygiene might be one of the contributory reasons for the spread of cystic acne.

Common reasons of cystic acne:

The exact bacterial infection responsible for cystic acne cannot be determined as no two cases of infection are same. It is very certain that cystic acne has hereditary connections. Which is quite an explanation to the fact that not every acne infection is cystic acne.

Cystic acne causes a lot of scars. More so if the acne are picked and squeezed to relieve the tenderness. This also causes the infection to go deep into the skin and worsen the problem. Hygiene as stated above is not a causatory factor behind cystic acne.

A few researchers though believe that a persons diet and environmental factor play an important part in the infection. Exposure to a number of toxins and overproduction of some of the hormones may also cause cystic acne. Also a number of anabolic steroids are known to be responsible for this painful and scaring variety of acne. This condition can be treated with a specific treatments and keeping away the steroids.


One very important thing to remember if one is having an outbreak is to avoid picking or squeezing the acne. Squeezing the pus or contents may provide temporary relief but causes the infections to go deep into the skin and also scars the face. To deal with ac cystic acne it is advised to consult a doctor to drain the pus surgically and treat the infection with antibiotics. This method usually solves the problem.

In a few rare cases the above treatment plan too does not work. In such cases medicine such as accutane is prescribed to treat the problem. This is not sold over the counter and should be taken only under medical supervision. In some other cases beauty treatments such as exfoliation and face peeking, scrubbing may help in containing the infection. In some other cases a combination treatment is preferred.

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