Dental Health Care – Top Tips For Pregnant Women

Are you pregnant and worried about observing dental health care and getting treatment for gum disease? Here is good news for you. Keeping your gums and teeth in good condition is highly recommended during pregnancy. This is because a mother’s dental and periodontal problems can affect the overall health of the baby she is carrying. In fact, some medical surveys relate low birth weight and preterm delivery to the said problems.

If you are pregnant, the insights in this article will be very helpful to you and so read on. The very first thing women should do is to inform their dentists their condition – the months they are pregnant or whether they are trying to get pregnant. Early symptoms of dental problems that may cause grave infections would be identified this way. They must be open to take only the appropriate procedures advised.

Presence of plaque poses problem to the dental health care of pregnant women. What is plaque anyway? Plaque is a yellowish film that forms from bacteria build up. This film can penetrate deep into the gums and cause infections that can take down even the sturdiest of the teeth. Moreover, it can reach the bloodstream that carries air and the food to the baby. Bloodstreams can also transfer the periodontal diseases of the mothers to their unborn babies.

In the case that you are already pregnant, do not forget to religiously practice oral hygiene at home. This can prevent potential problems in your gums and teeth. Seeing the dentist while pregnant is another measure to observe. Moving forward, you can also undergo professional cleanings which can equip your gums and teeth from the harms of dental illnesses brought about by the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Enamel erosion and gingivitis are two common examples of these illnesses.

If ever the dental problems mentioned above have already serious infections, certain procedures must then be done. These procedures, of course, would have to be done under the permission and supervision of specialists. More often than not, cavity fillings and crown installations are still recommendable even during pregnancy. If need be, root canal therapies can also be conducted. But this is only with the injection of local anesthesia. Do you know which procedures can endanger the lives of the fetus? They are dental x-rays. Some clinics, however, exercise x-rays on pregnant patients provided that they wear an abdominal shield made of special materials. On the other hand, installation of implants, teeth whitening and other procedures requiring use of electricity are never meant during pregnancy. Finally, antibiotics and painkillers must not be taken unless prescribed by the dentist.

Nothing beats the advantages of dental health care that is religiously observed even before a woman gets pregnant. This need not include complicated procedures. Simple brushing and flossing can do the trick. However, visits with the dentist must not be forgotten. If cleanings are needed, they must right away. Lastly, certain foods must be avoided and certain foods must be eaten. Sweets increase cavity deposits while milk, cheese and other dairy products provide calcium for the gums and teeth.

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