Dentist Rectifies Sleep Apnea With And Oral Appliance

If you are having problem sleeping, consider seeking help from a New Haven sleep apnea dentist. You do not have to feel fatigue each day when you go to work. Lacking rest can also be an accident risk if you have to drive many miles to work or operate heavy equipment.

Your disorder may lead to chronic drowsiness, concentration problems, and heart failure. The obstruction in your throat may lead to symptoms like snoring very loudly, gasping for breath, and waking up several times a night. Daytime fatigue will become more common leading to irritability and poor attention.

Heart disease may manifest when the organ constantly lacks oxygen and has to work harder to pump blood. This condition also increases the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, arrhythmia, and obesity. If you experience chronic fatigue and daytime drowsiness, it can also increase the risk of accidental death or injuries.

Although you may not know it, you probably do not breathe continuously while sleeping. Your partner may also complain of loud snoring and witness you gasp for air. Obstructive Sleep Disorder and Central Apnea are the main categories of this ailment. The latter one involves the brain sending out wrong signals to the throat muscles to relax too much causing your airways to get clogged up.

A dental professional can help you cope with this problem by installing a device in your mouth. He may either recommend a mandibular appliance or a tongue retaining device. In more serious cases, your dentist can suggest an orthodontic procedure called rapid maxillary expansion. The mandibular method is the most commonly used appliance.

You do not have to deal with surgical procedures as some patients would have to. A New Haven sleep apnea dentist can suggest less invasive methods to deal with your sleeping disorder. If properly fitted, any of these devices can eliminate your sleeping problem and significantly improve your lifestyle.

You can get a summary of the possible causes of New Haven sleep apnea and more information about a well-trained dental professional at now.

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