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The word hypnosis is a Greek name to mean sleep. It describes a state of mind where an individual is physically seen to be asleep yet the person is very alert and aware of his environment.Research on hypnosis Burlington proved that these people are indeed awake and able to respond to instructions directed to him form the person monitoring the patient. Their minds are usually highly focused to concentrate on treatment and allow the body to relax.

Through the concentration and mind focus at this state, the patient can be made to a system of thinking that would help give a solution. This form of therapy can either be administered by specialists called hypnotists or by the patients themselves after they have been educated on how to properly use it what is called self-hypnosis.

Once a patient is hypnotized, the patients become very receptive to any commands given by the supervisor. The cease to reason critically to instruction or questions posed to them irrespective of what their will demands. In addition the therapy has an additional ability of age-regression where the patient can be made to respond mentally as if they were at a certain younger age.

Many different fields have employed this form of therapy for specific purposes in the fields. It has been mainly used in medicine like in psychotherapy, in the military for intelligence and security reasons and in entertainment in stage performance especially for people with low self esteem. It has also found use in sports, forensics and other areas.

in hypnotherapy which is the application of this therapy in medicine, medical specialists use it in treating conditions such as depression, eating problems and post traumatic disorders. Mostly it is used by psychiatrist due to the high numbers of mental disorders they deal with. Simple problems such as treating addictive problems and weight reduction by applying this method is also commonly done and does not necessarily require specialized doctors.

In pain management it has been an effective alternative for convectional drugs, in child delivery called hypnobirthing, it helps reduce the pains of labor contractions making the process easier for mothers. Some minor operations especially where anesthetics may not be readily available, it has been used to conduct procedures like wound-debridement to reduce pain. Dermatological conditions like psoriasis and warts are alleviated when people are free from stress so the therapy is useful in these cases.

Self-hypnosis is also becoming quite popular in an attempt to enhance motivation for a particular type of diet, or quitting behavioral habits like smoking as well as a way of reducing stress. It is claimed that it could also help people with stage fright and relaxation. Here patients are taught techniques which can induce relaxation and strengthen by the therapist who communicates messages negating the weak traits of the individual. It has also been used in the military for intelligence purposes to try compel subjects to give information that is considered useful foe national security.

In the fields of entertainment hypnosis Burlington was practiced as a traditional practice in a club and theaters. This state employed it as a means of controlling minds of the audience in a way that they could do embarrassing things on the stage with the confidence that no one will remember anything after the show.

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