Discover What Makes Certainly Great Hotel Slippers And Additional Guest Amenities

With thousands of hotel slippers manufactured all over the world, it is no surprise that they range in price from low to high. But there is much more than cost which should be considered when considering which ones are truly great to have. Many tourists collect monogrammed versions from every destination they visit. Luxury hotels are aware of this, and often offer these items as part of their complimentary guest amenities. When the most beautiful are designed by famous names in the fashion industry, these little luxuries become somewhat collectible.

Designer slippers fill the tourism world with bright colors and designs. But, there are also extra touches such as high quality hotel hangers padded in satin, damask or linen that can add elegance to a room. Decisions to upgrade to ecology minded bamboo or sustainably sourced woods are also part of resort branding. Closet interiors can be as important as room decor.

Among some of the most desired hotel guest amenities are things to complement cozy feet. These might include inviting robes in soft chenille or absorbent cotton. Equally comfortable for men and women, these can encourage relaxation and lounging time.

With the popularity of collecting monogrammed footwear from prominent guest destinations well understood by hospitality management, there are embroidered and stamped designs everywhere. But, the truly artistic designer ones are those that tend to make a statement. These are often offered for sale on websites designed to increase sales for hotels that have them. Look for these beauties as similar to collector items. Thicker, cushioned soles can make these more comfortable for wearing and walking, while well-designed uppers help the fabric to cushion tired toes. The best will hold snug to feet so that they won’t tend to all off and cause unexpected slips.

Little travelers may be able to have their own tiny slippers, too. Cute little ones are made with non-slip bottoms and soft cloth tops. These are actually quite stylish in appealing bright colors and patterns.

There are many countries that focus on tourists as a vital part of their economy, so it is not surprising that each culture has their own product. With budgets ranging from high to low, these practical guest gifts help to ease travelers after long days, and help hotels to offer a bit of luxury at the same time. In cold destinations, a slip-on may be provided in heavy weight woven or quilted fabrics. Colors are usually bright solids, with cheerful patterns such as strips and polka dots popular, too. The warm oranges, reds, yellows and greens are perfect for relaxing by a warm fire.

Woven reed materials are often fashioned into cool climate footwear. They may be crafted from bamboo, various canes and often leather for the soles. Some feature weaving patterns that are traditional to local cultures. These are generally good indoors and out. Designed to handle more intense wear, these will last longer and often come with a higher price tag. Many enjoy these in tropical areas where walking from room to poolside really doesn’t require any change of shoes.

The many colors and designs sold make hotel slippers part of great complimentary gift packages for guests. Traveling to many diverse destinations becomes more comfortable when these thoughtful, yet simple items are included in the room rate. While disposable ones still are more often seen, fashion forward footwear is becoming more the norm at resorts that hope to add a bit more quality to their guest experiences.

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