Don’t Let Bad Breath Kill Your Confidence

by Darren Wumoult

Halitosis is one of the top social confidence killers. Thos who are afflicted with bad breath are as self-conscious about their conidtion as fat people who are humiliated about their problems with weight.

Halitosis can cause people to avoid relationships because they are anxious about scaring others away. Bad breath also can stop a person from wanting to widen his social life. The reason is that many people have rebuffed him in the past because of his bad breath. This person has finally reach that point where he does not want to attempt to socialize and he stays home away from other people.

If you are one of those who have not been given a goodnight kiss and have been told that your breath is bad, you are familiar with the pain and mortification as a result of halitosis. Moreover, you wallow in guilt for having upset others with the odor of your bad breath.

If you were to know that your halitosis is treatable and preventable and you do not need to suffer from this embarrassing condition any more, you can lead a better social and work life. There are now new treatments for bad breath. Though there are many over the counter treatments available, there are some which can be got only on prescription.

As a matter of fact, some of the non-prescription remedies contain a blend of natural and herbal ingredients for people who prefer those. Alternatively, there are other, more conventional, treatments also available and the best person to tell you about them would be your dentist. You can ask your dentist for his or her recommendations for treatments for bad breath during the course of your next visit.

When you see your dentist he can offer you prescriptions or word of mouth referrals to the best over the counter treatments that are on the market. Another great resource for finding treatments of halitosis is to search the Internet. When you do a search for halitosis you will find hundreds of thousands of links pointing to that subject.

Another solution to combating halitosis and to help build your social confidence is to follow a few simple oral hygiene steps. For example, you should remember to brush your teeth after every meal and always rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards. When brushing your teeth, you should remember to always brush your tongue and your gums as well. Furthermore, you should use alcohol free mouthwash because mouthwash with alcohol will dry out the inside of your mouth. If the inside of your mouth is dry, you will not have any protective saliva produced in your mouth that helps fight against any bacteria that could form in your mouth.

Along with brushing after every meal, you should floss a minimum of once a day to help remove all the food between your teeth. This food between your teeth can cause bacteria. Likewise, you should always brush your tongue because if you don’t, the food residue could cause bacteria to form in your mouth as well. This bacteria formed in your mouth is what causes the embarrassing and offensive odor that most people would not want to be near.

Another thing that will help encourage you is to know other ways that halitosis can be caused. This will help you get to the root of why you have chronic bad breath and will provide a way for you to chance the situation. For example, bad breath is indirectly caused by diabetes, which causes gum disease. Furthermore, any gastrointestinal problems lead to the plight of halitosis. Likewise liver diseases cause halitosis as well.

It is important that you invest the time and trouble to find out the cause of the halitosis and if, in the course of that, you need to change your diet, do so. You will have to eat healthier foods and foods which are not too strong tasting, avoiding raw onions, garlicky foods, pungent fishy dishes or heavily spiced foods, unless you are home alone and certainly not on a date!

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