Ear Ailments- Choosing Between Audiologist And ENT Specialist

Your family doctor is obviously the first person you turn to for treatment and a cure when you suffer from an ear or cold problem. However in case the problem does not get cured, its better consulting a specialist. You thus wonder if you need to consult an ENT specialist or an audiologist for help in treating your problem.

Both these medical specialists deal with ear problems. The difference lies in the fact that audiologists deal only with ear disorders whilst the ENT specialist treats not just the ear, but also nose and throat problems.

Audiologists are the best persons to deal with hearing disorders because they could determine the cause and extent of hearing problem you suffer from and help treat it. Audiologists have a lot of job opportunities in clinics and medical facilities and may also open their own clinic. The current noisy atmosphere causes a lot of people being affected by hearing problems whilst some people have congenital hearing problems. It is the audiologist’s job to identify the reason for the hearing difficulty using medical equipment, and treat it suitably.

ENT specialists are also referred to as otolaryngologists and are specialists at dealing with disorders connected with the ear, nose as well as throat like a chronic respiratory infections, sinusitis and any obstructions inside the nose as well as ear canals.

These medical experts trained at treating ailments that may necessitate head and neck surgery. These medical doctors have to complete their regular 4 years of studies and undergo training in surgical procedures to get awarded an MBBS degree to get started on practicing. As they gain practical experience, they get placements in reputed medical facilities with a high salary and good position.

So the key distinction between an ENT Singapore and an audiologist is that audiologists help remedy only ear disorders and have a MSc. Degree in audiology. But an ENT specialist is actually a doctor with an MBBS degree who had undergone a year of obligatory training and internship in surgery after their medical studies. While the strategy of treatment rendered by the two is different, most people prefer turning to a nose specialist in Singapore for help when their problem is not confined to the ear.

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