Essential Information About Tooth Enamel

Eating would be really difficult without teeth. You cannot chew, grind, and cut food properly. This would make eating challenging, non-enjoyable, and uncomfortable. You cannot digest your food properly too. Your pearly whites would be handling various kinds of foods and beverages. It would be exposed to various substances. That is why it would be important for this part to remain strong, functional, and well formed. Your pearly whites would have various parts. It would be made of strong minerals mostly. The hardest part you can find in your pearly whites would be your tooth enamel. It would be responsible mostly for your teeth’s hardness. Learn then more about this and how you can prevent problems in this part.

An array of minerals would compose the enamel. Hydroxyapatite would be the most dominant mineral. Trace amounts of proteins, organic matter, and water would be contained as well. The hardness can be explained by its being highly mineralized. A Mohs hardness scale of 5 would be sported by this substance. Blood vessels and nerve supply is not contained in this part. Color would range from a yellowish tint to bluish tones. Actually, this substance is semitranslucent. That is why the underlying matter would greatly determine the color. Underneath this, dentin and cementum may also be found.

The great hardness would not be its only good attribute, but its strength too. That is why cutting, grinding, and breaking food would be easy. High bite forces can be withstood by this. Tensile stresses can be dealt with well too. Brittleness may however be featured, so cracks may be found, especially if you can find mineral changes too.

While this part may be really strong, it would still have various conditions. Dental caries would be among its biggest problems. Caries would also lead to cavity formation. This condition would occur because of acids, sugars, and bacterial action. Sugar would coat your dentition and would interact with bacteria. This would lead to acid formation. Acids would then attack your dentition. When sugar ingestion would be frequent, your chances for cavity formation would be higher.

The demineralization may be also affected by a lot of other factors. Ingesting acids such as fruit juices, citric acids, and soft drinks can be included as erosion can occur with them. Compressive forces, tensile forces and abrasion can be also included. Demineralization can be compounded by conditions like bruxism as well.

Caries will really be damaging. It will have varied negative effects. It will slowly bring infections, erosion, and brittleness. Infections could happen and will spread slowly. Such infections could even reach the lungs, heart, and blood when left untreated.

You should then take care of your pearly whites properly. You should avoid heavy consumption of sugary treats, acidic beverages, and soda. You should also do proper dental hygiene. Proper dental hygiene would really help prevent caries formation.

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The tooth enamel must be really cared for. Much importance is held by this part. You can do this with a healthy diet, regular dental visits, and good oral hygiene.

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