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by Lindelwa Maseko

Over the last few years the message about being fit has reached increasing numbers of people and as a result the market for home fitness equipment has increased. Too many people get caught up in the heat of the moment and end up buying the wrong equipment for their needs,you do not want to have had to return it within days of buying it.

It is easy to be fooled by adverts that show how easy a piece of apparatus is when it actually requires some practice. Ask yourself a few questions before you grab your wallet and buy that equipment as it could save you time and money.

Some people believe that if they have spent a great deal of money on their fitness apparatus it will be incentive enough to use it,purchasing expensive equipment is not a guarantee that you will use it or that it will be effective for you. The easiest thing for a sales person to do when they know you are going to buy a piece of equipment is to sell the next model up which may be outside of your budget,

This is especially true with costly fitness equipment as many people believe the more money they spend the more they are likely to train with it,the cost is not the reason it will be used, whatever you may think. It is easy to buy budget equipment and expect it to perform like more expensive apparatus but if you intend to use it a great deal, it may be false economy to do this.

Price however, is no guarantee of quality, Always take a look in the classified ads first as there are many people who start with good intentions but cannot meet them physically so nearly new systems can be picked up at huge discounts. If you can, wait for the sales or when ex-demonstration home fitness equipment becomes available in the stores. think about where you are going to place a treadmill or any other equipment before buying it.

Although a favorite location is the garage. It is always worthwhile taking a physical before you buy this equipment, just to be on the safe side. The importance of trying out the equipment first cannot be underestimated because you may find it not only difficult, but painful to use.

Joining a gym and using their apparatus can often actually work out to be a less expensive option,Don’t dismiss the idea of joining a gym as often it can be cheaper to use their facilities,then if you think that buying your own home fitness equipment will be a less expensive long term option, go for that. Don’t forget that if you are still unsure, why not go to a gym and ask one of the resident instructors what they think about using apparatus at home.

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