Far Infrared Saunas – Relax And Care For Your Health

by Benjamin Wise

Sometimes known as “sauna on the go”, a far infrared sauna is indeed quite portable and easy to use. For those who live in small spaces or move frequently, this portability is a large part of the draw.

The health benefits of infrared sauna are many and I will quickly cover them here so that you have an idea of what to expect from this technology. Firstly before you use the sauna drink some water, I know this may sound obvious but never get in there after you have had lots to drink.

Infrared rays penetrate your body, causing a sweating from deep inside rather than from the surface as in a traditional sauna. While any sauna will produce sweat, an infrared one will generate more sweating without using heat – so you can spend more time in the sauna.

Unlike the traditional sauna it is easier to breathe which makes it more comfortable to sit in. When I do an infrared sauna session I normally bring in a good book and a cup of nice herbal tea and relax for thirty minutes.

Being that it makes you sweat it helps to cleanse your skin, it also helps with blood circulation and to ease aches and pains. Bottom line it is a healthy way to relax. There are varieties of portable saunas, some are almost like a fold up box and you can take them anywhere. Other’s look like a traditional sauna but are easy to install and take apart if you’re on the move.

Then there is the truly portable sauna that is like a package. This you get in and your arms and head protrude out of it, kind of looks weird to be honest but yet it is effective. In this case you could watch TV in your room or read a magazine while taking a sauna at the same time. The rest of your body is within the sauna but your hands and head are not.

Me, I like the enclosure style – it makes me feel like I’m in a sauna, but if you are a renter, the box style may work better for you. Infrared saunas are a great way to do something good for your health while getting deep relaxation.

An infrared sauna offers a great way to relax and unwind after a long day while providing all of the health benefits of a traditional sauna (and then some). While it takes longer to start sweating in an infrared sauna – in fact, you may wonder if it’s broken for the first ten minutes or so until the sweating suddenly begins about 15 minutes in. After a good sweat and a shower, you’ll feel relaxed and wonderful inside and out.

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