Figuring Out How A Self Tanning Body Lotion Causes A Darker Complexion

People who want to sport a sun-kissed complexion without exposing themselves to harmful ultraviolet (UV) light may go for the use of a self tanning body lotion. Just like what the name says, it’s a topically applied product which causes the skin to darken on its own. It’s just one of the numerous at-home solutions for those who like to tan without risking their health.

Sunbathing or the use of a tanning bed accelerates the formation of melanin in order to darken the complexion. The role of this type of dark pigment is to protect the skin from harm. On the other hand, applying the self tanning body lotion does not cause melanin production. The product’s active ingredient simply makes the skin look like it contains more pigment than usual.

A self tanning body lotion is available in two basic types. There’s one that can provide results in a matter of hours upon application, and the resulting color may last for as long as 10 days until it has completely disappeared. The other type is capable of giving you a darker skin right away. But the effect lasts only for as long as you are not washing it off with water.[I:]

DHA is the primary ingredient of that self tanning body lotion which enables you to sport a glorious complexion for many days. An acronym standing for dihydroxyacetone, DHA is derived from natural sources like sugar beets and sugar cane. It was way back in 1977 when DHA was approved by the FDA in the US as something suitable for use on human skin.

DHA found in self tanning body lotion reacts to the amino acid content of dead cells sitting on the topmost layer of your skin. This brings about a brown color which may be observed 3 hours after application. For the next 24 to 72 hours, it will darken further. The effect of this self tanning body lotion lasts for about 10 days only as the skin sheds off naturally.

The substance administered inside a spray booth also uses DHA as its main ingredient. However, take note that this chemical is US FDA-approved for topical application. Someone in a spray booth may inhale a few of it, and this may lead to some health issues. It’s for this reason why many experts say that using a self tanning body lotion is a safer solution.

You may opt for the kind of self tanning body lotion that yields instant results. This is possible because of the bronzers used by such product. Basically, they cause the staining of your skin, making it appear as though it contains more melanin that normal. But because bronzers simply sit on the skin, the tan disappears as soon as you rinse the product off with water.

Regardless if you want to use the self tanning body lotion that relies on DHA or bronzers, pick the best product around. No all of these at-home solutions are the same. It’s a good idea to look for unbiased reviews in cyberspace before you decide which one to buy. Going for the right self tanning body lotion lets you sport a tan that doesn’t look fake.

Use a self tanning body lotion to look great without the danger to your skin. A spray tan for face skin must be especially even and attractive.

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