Find Out How A Nashville Chiropractor Helps Pain With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient technique that has been demonstrated to help with chronic pain, weight loss, ear problems, addictions, nausea, digestive problems and female disorders. Although not a magic fix-all, it works very well for those things it works well for. It can work even better when combined with chiropractic care or other therapies.

This method works by adjusting the natural flow of chi or energy throughout the body through the application of a small-sized needle (smaller than a hypodermic needle) to very specific points across the body. The idea is that the placement of these needles unblocks the flow of energy so that overall balance can be restored. It feel good as well (most patients do not feel the needles being inserted), and it can boost and balance the mood while reducing stress.

While it is still not known exactly how this type of therapy works, we understand that it’s effective. Again, this is especially true when acupuncture is combined with another form of therapy. Working with a Nashville chiropractor who can offer access to acupuncture will allow you to take advantage of two, exception solutions for pain relief in one place. A full training course is necessary for becoming an acupuncturist and thus, you won’t be working with a quack who wants to stick needles all over your body at random.

If you have problems with chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, nausea caused by chemotherapy, neck or back pain or even menstrual problems, the acupuncture could be right for you. This trusted pain solution is both easy and safe, making them worthwhile therapies to try before you start using pain medications or opting for more invasive solutions.

While acupuncture can sometimes have side effects, your provider will use disposable, sterile needles to prevent infection. (During the later stages of pregnancy acupuncture is contraindicated given that it can cause early labor).

Contact a qualified acupuncturist, ideally in a chiropractic clinic, to find out what acupuncture and chiropractic care, separately or in combination, can do to help relieve pain and improve your life.

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