Foods With Unsaturated Fats By Gabriel Pediatrics

In general, most of the food that you eat from day to day should be composed of unsaturated fats. There are a few exceptions, of course, but it’s clear that these types of fats are ones which have the most positive influence in the long run. Many medical authorities, Gabriel Pediatrics included, can tell you all about this but looking for the best sources of these fats is another story entirely. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind for the sake of your health.

With so many different sources of unsaturated fats to keep in mind, Gabriel Pediatrics will be able to tell you about the importance of olive oil. Names along the lines of Gabriel will be able to tell you that this type of oil is one of the more beneficial types that can be used for culinary purposes. Of course, you have to be careful about the type of oil you attain as well. If you’d like to attain as many benefits as possible, extra virgin is most preferred.

For both poly and monounsaturated fats, you cannot go wrong with avocados. The average full-sized avocado boasts 250 calories but it is unlikely that you will use the entire product at once. Even still, avocados have a number of other essentials for the sake of health, vitamins included. In fact, I would make the argument that vitamin A is the most common nutrient associated with avocados. While shopping, go for a product that has a sense of softness to it but not too much to point where it feels spoiled.

Finally, you may find that a wide variety of nuts are great when it comes to the intake of unsaturated fats. Keep in mind that nuts may have high amounts of salt, so either shop carefully or make sure that you drink water with them in order to bring down the sodium affect. If you are looking for nuts which contain calcium, for example, you may be better off going with almonds. However, if you are looking for options that are able to best protect your arteries, pecans may prove useful.

For those who want to keep up healthy regimens over the course of time, it’s hard to go wrong with unsaturated fats. If they are taken in through careful amounts, you may find that they can actually work to help your body. There are many foods which can help in this regard, too, ranging from nuts to olive oil. It goes without saying that there are many other examples worth shopping for as well and it’s possible that they will benefit your health as well.

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