Great Sources Of Potassium By Gabriel Pediatrics

With so many elements to consider in the way of nutrition, I am of the opinion that potassium stands out for a number of reasons. It is the type of nutrient that is necessary in order to better maintain vital organs in the body, the kidneys included. Of course, if you are someone who wants to uphold the best diet, it is likely that you would care to understand which foods are the best. This is where the knowledge of Gabriel Pediatrics may prove to be useful.

One of the more typical foods that are associated with potassium has got to be bananas. Not only are they pretty easy to come by but it is worth noting that they account for around 11 percent of the potassium a person should take in during a single day. It goes without saying that bananas are also quite versatile in terms of how they can be used. The fact that they can be used for just about anything, smoothies being one such example, cannot go overlooked.

One of the best sources for potassium is potatoes but you have to be careful about how they are prepared. If you want to attain the best results, baked sweet potatoes may be for the best and the fact that they contain 15 percent of one’s daily value of potassium is just one element to consider. They are also able to better regulate blood sugar in the long term. Baked sweet potatoes are not only tasty but, with points like these, stand as healthier, potassium-rich options.

Those who enjoy Italian food may have a focus on tomato sauce but did you know that this product contains potassium in high amounts as well? For those who do not know, a pasta meal with the sauce in question can offer 25 percent of the potassium that someone would need in a single day. This is not the only perk, as Gabriel Pediatrics will tell you, since tomato sauce also has vitamin A and C to speak of. It’s because of these reasons that this product is surprisingly healthy, as authorities the likes of Gabriel will tell you.

Some of these choices may stand out more than others but it’s clear that potassium can be found in a number of foods. It is up to you, though, to make the best choices for your diet in all regards. You may be able to gain potassium from one source but it’s important to account for other assets like saturated fat and sodium, since too much of either can have a negative influence. Whether for potassium or what have you, it’s important to be smart about your food choices.

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