Health Care Campaign 2008: Governor Sarah Palin

by Ethan Calvin

Surely everyone has heard who Senator McCain has chosen as his vice presidential candidate by now. Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, a fresh face for Washington. She has been said to be a true conservative while being the first female candidate for Republicans as well as possible first female vice president.

Governor Palin’s health record is not much to talk about. But from research that has been done, she seems to share the same stance as her republican colleagues.

For one, Palin seems to strongly support increased competition to reduce health care costs. In Alaska, new medical facilities can only be opened if the state decides that the facility is actually needed. Any new facility needs to obtain a “certificate-of-need.” This year, Governor Palin fought to get rid of this law so new facilities could freely open and increase competition in the market.

Governor Palin quotes “Under our present Certificate of Need process, costs and needs don’t drive health care choices, bureaucracy does. Our system is broken and expensive.” Palin favors market health care solutions, even thought her efforts failed.

Regarding the SCHIP, Palin sides with the majority of Republican on expanding it. Palin opposed legislation this year in Alaska, when it was introduced. We will probably hear more about Palin’s thoughts and agendas now that she has been formally introduced.

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