3 Top Secret Treatments For Insomnia And Sleep Troubles

Frightened that you could start getting dependent on sleeping aids? Worried that you might already be hooked on them? Then it’s time to chuck the bottle — and not later but right now! Rather than getting hooked on sleeping drugs for the remainder of your life, why not instead turn to natural & 100% safe methods that are guaranteed to cure insomnia. Such natural insomnia treatments are very cheap (imagine 90% cheaper than OTC sleep aids), they are simple to do (perhaps not as simple as gulping down a pill, but still pretty simple), and they are ASTONISHINGLY powerful (makes you wonder why you EVER took a sleeping pill). Take a look.

Natural Insomnia Cures You Should Start Using…

1. Taking a warm bath with sleep inducing oils is an extremely helpful way to get insomnia relief. Just add the oil to the bath water — almost any herbal bath oil will do (passionflower, valerian, lavender, roseflower, etc) — and relax in the tub. The fragrance, coupled with the comforting effect the oil has on your skin, will quickly relax you and allow you to be more comfortable. As soon as you get out of the tub (about twenty minutes later), a powerful feeling of tiredness should crash over you like a wave. The moment your face hits the pillow, you’ll be out like a light — I promise.

2. Another great natural remedy for insomnia is deep massage. A deep massage treatment won’t just relax you by minimizing stress & tension, it will even help to put you in the perfect “mood” for sleep — a more comfortable “I’m completely prepared to go to bed” type of mood. A full body therapeutic massage using natural massage oils is best, but even a light shoulder rub is better than nothing at all.

3. When it comes to using natural insomnia treatments, the combination cure of herbal tea & sleeptracks is the reigning champion. Why are these two individual treatments combined into one? Well, that’s simple. While these strategies are both effective all on their own, they’re MASSIVELY powerful when used together. Individuals immediately realize that by using this insomnia cure “combo”, they get to sleep with no hassles and wake up completely refreshed & energized.

Essentially, prepare a cup of your favorite herbal insomnia tea (chamomile, valerian, passionflower, etc.) and head off to bed while consuming it slowly. After the tea has been drunk, put in your sleeptrack CD/tape/mp3, turn it up, and then slip into your bed. The tea should calm your body & nerves and induce a strong sensation of drowsiness in you, while the sound waves from the sleeptrack will try to get your brain on a more natural rhythm to help you sleep more soundly. Herbal teas may be acquired from local grocery or supplement stores, while a sound sleeptrack must be obtained from an online specialty website.

With natural insomnia remedies like these at your disposal, why on earth would you even consider taking OTC sleep aids to cure insomnia & lack of sleep problems? Honestly, does it make any sense at all?

If you need more specific information about common sleep deprivation symptoms, just go to www.SleepTracks.org right now.

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