A Telling Sign of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

by Carl-Peter

When trying to figure out if you or someone you care about is a drug addict or alcoholic, knowing what the alcoholism symptoms or drug addiction signs are, can be very helpful.

There are various symptoms and signs of addiction – but rather than tell you what they all are here (don’t hesitate to visit my website for that) – I want to give you what I believe is the most important one.

Unlike what many people think – drug addiction or alcoholism isn’t simply a function of how often you use or how much you drink.

Of course, there are times when it is going to be obvious that you or someone you love is an alcoholic or drug addict. The drug addict will be a genuine junkie who does nothing but shoot up all day and their life is simply about the next hit.

Similarly the alcoholic will be so far down the road with their alcoholism that they don’t have a life anymore – it’s totally fallen apart – relationships, job, practically everything.

However, many suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction, aren’t that advanced yet with their addiction. Therefore you want to recognise the symptoms of drug addiction and alcoholism early.

So the most important sign of alcoholism or drug addiction – is that your life starts to become effected by your using or drinking – and that you are increasingly struggling to cope with things on a daily basis.

You begin to become more preoccupied about your next drink or when you’ll use again, relationships begin to suffer, everyday stuff like work becomes more of a struggle – and so drinking or taking drugs becomes an emotional comfort that feels like it helps you manage better.

The problem is, that it is usually difficult to pick up on this alcoholism or drug addiction symptom, because it happens quickly and if often subtle. Denial usually prevents you seeing what is happening in your own case unless you are able to be really honest with yourself – or if it’s a person you care about, look out for changes in attitude, behaviour or mood.

Signs of alcoholism and drug addiction are numerous – but if you can see this one and hopefully catch the addiction early – treatment and recovery should be easier and your chances of success far greater.

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