Chickenpox Vaccine Can Prevent Shingles

by Gary Pearson

Since the shingles disease is only developed in people who previously had chickenpox, it would make perfect sense to have the chickenpox vaccine in an attempt to prevent this condition. In North America children are usually vaccinated against chickenpox at an early age. This helps to greatly decrease their chances of developing chickenpox and subsequently developing shingles.

It is recommended that a follow up vaccination for varicella would be beneficial in children and adults who had only one dose. Also for adults at a high risk for shingle exposure or transmission and who have not had a vaccine or chickenpox should receive special attention.

Adults who fall into the category of being at risk for exposure or transmission to shingles include healthcare workers. This group or individuals would definitely be in the line of fire since they deal with sickness and disease each and everyday. It would surely be in their best interest to make sure they are vaccinated against chickenpox.

Residents and staff members in institutional settings are also at a greater risk of developing chickenpox and shingles. For this reason they too ought to be vaccinated. Inmates and staff of correctional institutions should consider vaccination against the varicella virus. Dealing with people from different areas and lifestyles would surely put them at risk for all sorts of health conditions. International travelers should receive special consideration for the vaccination since they will doubtlessly be in contact with different types of infectious diseases including chickenpox. Military personal, teachers and daycare workers, anyone who has day to day contact with numerous individuals.

It is also a good idea for non-pregnant women of childbearing age to be vaccinated against chickenpox. Because the virus which causes chickenpox also has the potential to cause shingles, people should make sure they are vaccinated or that their vaccinations are up to date.

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