Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Tips and Advice

by Carl-Peter

Before we even get started – a fundamentally important issue for you to understand – is that the process of recovery from addiction to alcohol or drugs, should be thought of as something totally different to the actual treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction.

The treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction usually involves, the typically, three to six week period you spend at a professional treatment center like rehab – where you’ll receive ongoing treatment, counselling and spend time detoxing, so that by the time you leave you’ll have some clean time under your belt and be equipped to begin a new (hopefully) drug or alcohol free life for yourself.

Recovery then – is what follows going to rehab and receiving treatment. It’s pretty much then about what you do for the rest of your life to maintain your sobriety by staying off the drugs or alcohol. I think many that go into treatment don’t get this at first and that’s why relapse rates can be high – because they see treatment as the end of the road for them, when in fact it’s really only the beginning.

Recovery from alcoholism and addiction then, is in essence, about the consistent habits and new way of life you create for yourself – so that you stay on the road of recovery road and don’t end up relapsing.

It’s the spiritual program you follow and/or NA/AA meetings you regularly attend, dealing with your ‘baggage’ so that it doesn’t become an excuse again to drink or use drugs, making the right kind of friends and staying away at all costs from old drinking and using buddies, having a mentor you can call when you’re having a bad day …

So recovery then is about taking action and doing the ‘work’ you need to do on a regular basis, i.e. creating new uplifting habits for yourself, that will your ‘addict self’ as someone who holds no more power of you because your real ‘Strong, Warrior Self’ has taken over.

So the treatment of any addiction should be seen as the stepping stone and preparation for a life of recovery. It’s the beginning – rather than the end of the road. Now I know there are people that leave a life of addiction behind them without going the treatment/rehab route – but they’ve also done it by making significant changes in most areas of their lives and working at it consistently.

Remember alcoholism recovery and recovery from drug addiction is a process that that you need to work at and follow for the rest of your life. Sure, it can be tough at the start, but I promise it does get so much easier and soon enough you won’t even recognise the person you used to be.

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