Accutane Acne Treatment Dangers

by Jim Bolding

Dermatologists prescribe Accutane acne treatment as a last resort. When all other treatments have failed they’ll go for accutane. That’s because this is powerful medicine and he understands the dangers.

This is just a refresher, in case you missed anything and aren’t good at deciphering the confusing print in the product information pamphlet!

Even though accutane acne medicine will cause adverse side effects it does have good effects. Number one is that it does cure acne. Within a few weeks of treatment your cystic acne will go away.

Oil from your sebaceous glands clogs pores and provides an ideal breeding ground for acne causing bacteria. Accutane dries up the pore blocking oil.

Accutane acne treatment has another good effect. It will keep your sebaceous glands shut down even after you stop taking it. Not forever but for a good while anyway.

The bad news about accutane medication can outweigh all these good qualities. It does have side effects. At the very least you can expect drying of the skin, nose and lips. It will also cause irritation of the eyelids and eyes. Taking a vitamin E supplement and using a moisturizer can alleviate these symptoms.

Now for the bad stuff. The main danger with Accutane acne medication is birth defects. If you are a woman, you really, really can’t risk getting pregnant when you are taking Accutane. Even men who take Accutane are warned not to impregnate a woman while taking it.

If you are female and you want to be prescribed Accutane, you will have to take a pregnancy test – possibly two. Then you have to sign a waiver stating that you understand the risks, and that you understand an abortion might be advised if you do become pregnant (I told you, this is bad stuff!).

If you decide to go ahead with the accutane medication then you definitely need positive birth control methods. Your dermatologist might suggest a 3-stage system. Spermicidal foam, birth control patch or pill plus a condom! Accutane birth defects are serious business.

Suicidal depression is another serious side effect of accutane. In addition there is the possibility of hair loss, headaches and maybe some loss of vision. Liver problems are another. You will be given liver tests regularly!

Granted some of these adverse reactions are rare. They occur is less than 10% of patients. But you need to be aware of them before you agree to accutane acne treatment. Accutane is serious acne medicine!

Your dermatologist will prescribe accutane as a last resort because it is such a risk. Prescription medication in general has risks but accutane is especially risky.

Accutane Alternative

An all-natural acne solution exits that cures acne as well as accutane without all the side effects. Plus, since a prescription is not required, you don’t have the high cost of dermatologist visits.

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