Acne Medication Can Make Your Medical Condition Worse

by Mike Walden

Though the dermatologist prescribes acne medication, but it does not solve the acne problem. In fact, when the dermatologist keeps on prescribing the drugs, the person may actually be causing you more harm than good because your health may break down in the long run. But still we visit dermatologists because we want to get rid of acne and so want some medicines that can help us do it.

Conventional acne medications consist of antibiotics that include Tetracycline and Minocycline, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids, and even Adapalene, but each one of them having harmful side-effects for which further medications are needed to neutralize them. Then there is Accutane, which is prescribed in the more serious cases, but here the side effects too are more serious.

However, it is time that you should know some of the harmful effects of the so called acne medications.

1. These drugs will cause significant damage to the person?s internal system, destroying the natural internal balance.

2. Failing to cure acne or prevent acne by eliminating the ‘environment’ responsible for acne formation.

3. The long term effect of these medications is disastrous on your acne and health.

Take, for example, the steroids that are said to reduce the inflammation of acne. But in reality, steroids are your liver’s enemy number one. And when the liver is damaged (mind you, it is extremely difficult to reconstitute damage done to such vital organ like the liver) your chances of recovering an unblemished skin is lost forever.

Also, if you think antibiotic acne medications will take care of your acne, you are far from the truth. In fact, they aggravate the acne and disturb the internal equilibrium to such an extent that the body forgets to perform its normal duties. Your appetite is lost as also the sleep pattern. But the worst is yet to come. Sir Alexander Fleming’s brain child Penicillin and its modified group of highly potent drugs have the ability to mass murder bacteria irrespectively. Here in your case, the tetracycline performs its textbook duty by killing whatever bacteria it finds in your system and in the process annihilates the friendly bacteria, Acidophilus which protects you GI tract from parasites and fungi. So, your GI tract becomes vulnerable as a result of which your liver also remains unprotected. A rather sorry state of affairs, indeed!

As a word of caution, an acne sufferer should never fall a victim to the acne medication trap. Though there might be a lure of a quick remedy, but you need to know that these quick solutions do not work. There are quite a few excellent alternative treatments for acne sans the harmful side effects.

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