Acne Skin Care Products: Do They Work?

by Mike Walden

The market today is inundated with products for skin care including those that are meant to treat acne specifically. Every cosmetic brand seems to have acne skin care products for people of all types. To be able to choose an acne cure from this mind boggling variety is extremely difficult. Each person has his own unique needs based on, among other things, the type of acne, the acuteness of the breakout and the allergic reactions due to the sensitivity of our skin. In effect, what suits A may not suit B and might even aggravate the problem.

What you must also keep in mind while choosing an acne care product is that the cause of your acne goes far deeper than what you see on your skin. There are internal maladies which give rise to acne and, without first setting these right, you will not be able to bring an acne outbreak under control, nor be able to remedy the situation so that it does not occur again.

We are not for a moment saying that there aren’t a number of high quality acne skin care products which are effective. A large variety of acne treatment medications, oil-control moisturizers, astringents and cleansers etc. are available in the market and these can tackle your external condition fairly effectively if you are careful about choosing products which are compatible with your skin type and medicate your outbreak correctly. You must also be careful to stick to certain principals which we have enumerated later but the bottom line is that the external medications have to go hand in hand with treatment of the underlying cause.

As far as skin care products go, it should always be your endeavor to use products which are made only of natural ingredients, and to ensure that you strictly follow the instructions for its use. Before deciding on the product however, you must make sure that it will not produce any allergic reactions. Finally, do not squeeze or press your pimples in an effort to get rid of them. This method doesn?t work.

The best routine to try and follow to clear your acne is this. Steam and cleanse: use steam on your face to open the pores and then use a cleanser which is compatible with your skin type. If the cleanser proves effectual, don’t change it. The next step is exfoliation. Do a scrub job on your skin so that the dead skin cells on the surface get removed. After this, medicate the affected portions with something like tea tree oil which is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral and try to keep your skin in an ideal acid-alkaline balanced state with the help of a mask. Finally, moisturize your skin with a moisturizer made of natural products.

Buy the acne skin care products in consultation with your dermatologist and follow the directions on the skin care products carefully and soon you will be rid of the acne problem.

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