Back Acne: The Truth Behind Back Acne

by Mike Walden

The problem of back acne remains even though many tend to believe that it is not as severe as acne on the face. That is because of the location – the back, which is covered at most times by clothing. However what happens when we visit the beach or the gym and need to take of this clothing? It is in these cases that back acne begins to become a major cause for embarrassment.

But there is some good news for all back acne sufferers who have wanted to get a permanent cure for so long. Care to listen about me for a while? I have myself suffered from acne on the face and the back and have tried to get rid of it – but it did not work. And so I started my own research and after 7 years of dedicated experimentation, I have finally been able to find the long cherished permanent solution. I am glad to say that my acne, including those at the back are now gone.

This report reveals here all my findings. I have discussed here the causes of acne and also gone on to differentiate between acne on the face and back acne. And finally I will show you the solution that really works.

Everything you should know about back acne

There are various kinds of back acne such as whiteheads and blackheads and then there are big cystic acnes that reach deeper into the skin. The difference between facial acne and back acne is that when they come up in the back, the treatment becomes more problematic – and back acne is also more prevalent. This makes it quite annoying.

Why does back acne happen? Many believe that the toughness of the skin on the backside has something to do with this. The presence of a high number of sebaceous glands may also play a role – this is because the gland makes excess oil and this oil in turn causes back acne. This leads to the large nodules that can be quite painful.

What causes back acne really?

There seems to be as many theories as there are people. Some say that acne on the back gets formed when there is an over exposure to the sun that dries up the skin and when the sebum tries to compensate this, it leads to acne as the hair follicles get blocked. Lack of nutrients is yet another factor that has been blamed. However the fact is, the real causes are all internal.

In truth, the causes of all kinds of acne, including back acne, lesions on the face, neck, whiteheads or blackheads are the same and they are – the buildup of toxins in the body and an imbalance in the level of hormones.

The factors that many believe such as the toughness of the skin or the presence of all these innumerable sebaceous glands do not matter at all for back acne. At the most they can make the symptoms worse. So do not make the same mistake that so many do of applying loads of moisturizer on the back and not taking off that shirt at the beach fearing sun exposure. While it is true that these measures might reduce the symptoms, but the back acne itself will not be cured.

How is back acne different than those in the other parts, namely the body and the face?

The main difference cannot be attributed to the external features of the various body parts such as the number of sebaceous glands or the toughness of the skin or the level of dryness. Understanding this is crucial for handling the symptoms of the condition and for treatment that is applied externally.

The main disparity between acne on the face and on the back is within the body. Out of the two major causes, it is the level of toxicity in the blood and lymph that causes back acne more. Hormonal imbalance does not play such a crucial role.

So in the case of back acne at least, the toxin levels in the blood play a more important role. However you need to keep in mind that the hormonal balance is still important. The fact is, the level of the hormones has an impact – it is just that it is lesser in the case of back acne.

The only cure that works for back acne

Since the causes are all internal – the cure is also to fix all these internal factors that are causing the acne to form. And this is the case with any type of acne. The internal root causes need to be identified and neutralized for any cure to happen.

And since the level of toxicity plays a key role in back acne, the focus should also be to bring it down because this is a more crucial factor for back acne than hormonal imbalance.

The holistic approach is the best solution because it can take on all the causes of acne effectively. The holistic approach can solve both the external (that worsen the condition) as well as the internal factors. The lifestyle changes help too. Back acne is gone quickly and you are sure to love your healthy skin.

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